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Back Illuminated Fluorite Specimen from the Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum; Image Credit: Marty Hart
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A Win-Win-Win with Rock & Gem

Subscribe & Support both R&G & AFMS—& Get a Discount for Yourself!

By Jim Brace-Thompson, AFMS 4th VP & Public Relations Chair

Rock & Gem has long been recognized as the officially endorsed hobby magazine of AFMS and, by extension, the seven regional federations and their member clubs.  The editor there, Pam Freeman, is offering a special deal to members of local gem and mineral societies affiliated with AFMS.  It’s a win-win-win deal in that Rock & Gem gets subscribers, we subscribers get a 61% discount, and AFMS gets a 15% commission on each subscription that will go into the Endowment Fund.  This deal applies to both new and renewing subscriptions and has been approved and endorsed by the AFMS Executive Board, who designated me to serve as the liaison between AFMS and Rock & Gem.

Rock & Gem has produced a “Rock & Gem/AFMS Subscription” flyer/order form we hope to post to the websites of AFMS and the regional federations to ensure that a portion of your payment goes to AFMS.  Those preferring to order online can use the QR code included on the flyer that can be scanned with your cell phone.  By the way, the same deal applies to any subscriptions you might sell to members of the general public by having copies of the flyer/order form at, say, a take-one table at your annual club show.  I can also send this form in pdf format as an attachment; email me at

Here’s to supporting our official hobby magazine as it, in turn, supports us as individuals and as a Federation!

About the image at the top of this page

Fluorite Specimen

The fluorite specimen picture was taken at the exhibit table of the Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum at a local Gem & Mineral Show.  The museum is located in Marion, KY.  Most of the contents of the Mineral Museum come from Ben E. Clement's personal collection, which he collected from decades of work in the mining industry until his death in 1980.

Image Credit: Marty Hart