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Wood Turned Pen and Ammonite Cast, Image Credit: Ken Scher

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This section is dedicated to providing resources for Newsletter Editors

Special Congress Representing Involved Bulletin Editors (S.C.R.I.B.E.) 

SCRIBE - an organization OF editors, FOR editors. The quarterly newsletter provides Helpful Hints from the Old Pros as well as New Tricks from the Computer Literate.  It just proves you can teach an old editor some new tricks.

Scribe Website: http://scribe.rbnet.net/

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About the image on this page

Wood Turned Pen and Ammonite Cast

This whimsical image imagines a magical pen that can draw fossils. Alas, the pen is not magical, but it tells a good story. It was crafted by turning wood on a lathe, and was made by a member of a club in the SFMS during an event called "Turn for Troops" where woodworkers make pens to donate to military personnel around the world. The wood used in the pen is oak and is accented by brass.

The unnatural nautiloid is a cast of an ammonite fossil, and was used in the entertainment industry as background decor.

The pen sits atop a piece of fossilized coral from Florida.

Image Credit: Ken Scher