AFMS Recognition Award

AFMS Recognition Award

The AFMS Recognition Award is presented annually to an individual or individuals who have served the AFMS in an exceptional manner. 

Over the years many individuals have contributed time and effort to the AFMS and its many endeavors. Steve Weinberger, as chairman of the Past President's Advisory Committee, felt that some form of recognition should be given to these individuals other than the customary "thank you" letter at the end of each President's term of office. He contacted the AFMS Past Presidents who are still active in the Federation and received an overwhelming "absolutely, let's do it" from them all.

Nominations were solicited from these past presidents and a selection committee consisting of the most recent three past presidents formed. The name of the first recipient of this new annual award was announced at the Awards Banquet at Ventura on June 7, 2003.

This award is given at the discretion of the Presidents’ Advisory Council and is not automatically bestowed.  Multiple awards may be made at one time.



*The 2008 AFMS Annual Convention, Houston TX, was not held due to Hurricane Ike.  The 2008 AFMS Recognition Award was awarded at the 2009 AFMS Annual Convention in Billings, MT. 

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