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I Didn't Know That!

by Shirley Leeson, AFMS Historian

In searching through the AFMS history I came across the Banquet Talk by outgoing AFMS President Bernice L Rexin. It was published in the AFMS Education-Information Newsletter, Sept/Oct 1967. It's something I didn't know and thought you might find it as interesting as I did....

"During the early nineteen hundreds the United States government sent geological survey teams out to map the West. Ranchers were impressed by their enthusiasm and gave them a name to fit their eagerness, "ROCKHOUNDS." With this name they also gave them their respect.

You have inherited this name and it has caught the public's fancy because it is lively and expressive of all facets of our hobby from digging up dinosaur bones to cutting gems. You also have the public's respect because you have made this name a distinguished one by your many worthwhile activities, such as promoting earth science education, giving scholarships, and developing your lapidary skills to the extent that your best is now being shown in museums.

This is your informal name, we are properly known as amateur earth scientists and lapidaries. Both names are needed for there are times when the use of the informal is more effective than the formal, and vice versa.

Because the Rockhounds have made the American Federation an organization to be proud of, I have been proud of the privilege of serving as your president."