Diatoms, Image Credit: Lori Carter

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More about the image above

Diatoms viewed with a scanning electron microscope

Below is a strand of algae from a river in Georgia viewed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM), then zoomed in further and further to isolate a single diatom. 

Diatoms are single cell microalgae with cell walls made of silica. They live in oceans, fresh water, and in soil. Diatomaceous earth contains fossilized diatoms that are useful in studies of past environments. They also have economic uses including water filtration and in abrasives.

These images were taken on a club field trip to a core imaging lab.

Image Credits: Lori Carter

Algae with Diatoms

A single strand of algae with colonies of diatoms on it.

Diatom Colony

A closer look at a diatom colony. Now we can see how the individual diatoms are linked together.

Single Diatom

Looking even closer, we can see that the diatom second from the left has a long, thin bacterium on it.