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The following links are provided for the information they supply.  The AFMS does not provide any qualifications to the reliability or accuracy to the information they supply.  The AFMS does not receive any compensations for you following these links.

Host Provider Comparisons

bullet1st Site Free - Free Website Hosting Free Host Providers Listing with comments of features
bulletFreeCenter.com Free Homepage Providers Listing of free providers features with ratings and reviews.
bulletFreeWebSpace.net Searchable Database of Free Web Space Providers
bulletHostIndex A Database of Host Providers that Allows Searching for Specified Services

Email Provider Comparisons

bulletFree Email Address Directory

Site Validators

bulletW3C HTML Validation Service

Meta Tags

bulletHow to Use Meta Tags Search Engine Watch

Submit Your Site to the Search Engines

bulletSearch Engine Submission Tips Search Engine Watch
bulletAlexa Submission form for Alexa


bulletA Standard for Robot Exclusion How to exclude robots from web pages.
bulletThe Web Robots Page Information on Robots


bulletCookie Central


bulletCAUCE - Coalition Against Unsoliced Commercial Email
bullet Report SPAM to the Federal Trade Commission
bullet FTC - The CAN-SPAM Act: Requirements for Commercial Emailers


bullet BBB Phishing Phacts
bullet Federal Trade Commission
bullet VISA - Email, Phishing & Security Tips

General Webmaster Resources

bulletArt and the Zen of web sites
bulletD3 Webmasters Resources
bulletMicrosoft bCentral Free Web Tools
bulletSiteowner.com Submit, Inspect, Meta Tag Builder, Search Engine Ranking, Link Finder, Analyze Graphics
bulletWeb Publishing Online Resource 
bulletWeb Style Guide A web site design guide
bulletWebmaster Resources Articles, Design Guidelines, Reviews and Resources for Webmasters
bullet World's Worst Website Web designed to graphically demonstrate the most common mistakes made by new Web Page designers.

Hoaxes and Urban Legends

bulletCIAC U.S. Department of EnergyVirus Database, Internet Hoaxes, Internet Chain Letters
bulletVirus and Email HoaxesGood List of Resources
bulletAbout.com Urban Legends and Folklore
bulletThe AFU & Urgan Legends Archive
bulletStiller Research's Hoax Page
bulletNetwork Associate's Virus Hoax Library
bulletComputer Virus Myths

Internet References

bulletInterNIC public information regarding Internet domain name registration services
bulletWC3 World Wide Consortium
bulletHttp Cookies


bulletAssociation of Research Libraries - Copyright Articles
bulletCopyright Law: Fact or Fantasy
bulletUnited States Copyright Office

Find Out Who is Linking to Your Site

Do a search to find out who is linking to your site.  For the AFMS  site, you would type in the following for the search:


Sites for listing linking sites:

bulletMicrosoft bCentral Link Finder

Shareware and Other Resources

bulletshareware.com A service from CNET
bulletTUCOWS Online since 1993, The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software
bulletZDNet Software Library

WinDrivers.com Windows drivers library


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