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What Should Be on a Homepage?

bulletThe name of your organization
bulletThe purpose of your organization
bulletFounding date (brag if you have it's been a while)
bulletNon-profit status if applicable
bulletWhere your organization is located - Including city and state
bulletYour mailing address
bulletYour meeting location
bulletHow to contact your organization
bulletAgain, your mailing address
bulletAt least one email address/mailing address/phone number
bulletWebmaster's email address
bulletClub contact for public relations
bulletYour newsletter editor
bulletShow dealer chairman
bulletBe prepared for the question of "Where can I find rocks in the area?"
bulletMeeting location
bulletState, city, and street address.
bulletName of the building where the meeting is located
bulletRoom in the building for the meeting
bulletDriving directions to the meeting
bulletHow about a map showing the meeting location
bulletMeeting date & time schedule
bulletBe sure and list any months that do not follow the normal schedule
bulletMeeting topics
bulletClub Logo
bulletAffiliations (with links)
bulletRegional Federation
bulletFuture Rockhounds of America
bulletMembership information
bulletMembership requirements
bulletMembership application
bulletAre visitors welcome?
bulletShow information
bulletOrganization sponsorships
bulletScholarships supported
bulletDonations or support to other organizations
bulletEducational programs
bulletCommunity support programs
bulletCommon information for your other pages
bulletLink to your home page, since visitors might not start on your home page.
bulletThe name of your organization
bulletThe URL of each page, so any printouts will show the URL
bulletCopyright information
bulletLast date web page was updated
bulletHit counter for pages that you want to monitor traffic

Other Items that could be included on the website

bulletOther organizations in your area
bulletRegional Federation
bulletOther links of interest in your area
bulletUniversities with Earth Science programs
bulletSpecial areas of interest to rockhounds
bulletHistory of the organization
bulletWhen was it organized
bulletOther interesting facts
bulletNewsletter awards
bulletAwards of members
bulletWebsite awards
bulletPictures of some of the members and the activities can make your organization look more welcoming to people wanting to visit your organization for the first time.
bulletLimit pictures so that page loading times are responsive.  Use of thumbnails that link to larger pictures can help with loading times.
bulletWorkshop information
bulletField trips
bulletPast field trips
bulletPlanned field trips
bulletField trip requirements
bulletSpecial activities for youth
bulletOther important events
bulletOfficer and committee listing
bulletMembership benefits
bulletField trips
bulletEducational and other resource information about rockhounding
bulletDisclaimers about information on the site
bulletWhat's New page so visitor can quickly find new and updated items on your site



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