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2001 Show Pictures



Pictures from the AFMS Convention and Show in Arlington, TX

MVC-387S.JPG (38350 bytes)

Presented on this page is a very small sampling of the over 500 digital pictures taken to be presented on this site.  If you were at the Convention, then these pictures should bring back memories.  If you were not able to attend the Convention, then here is a small sampling of what you missed.  Check back later for different pictures to be presented on this page.  If you would like to see larger images, just click on the picture you would like to see.

Meetings & Award Ceremonies

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At the Show

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The Blue Nosed Quartz

MVC-147S.JPG (37694 bytes) MVC-148S.JPG (36506 bytes) MVC-150S.JPG (38699 bytes) MVC-163S.JPG (39537 bytes)

"The Blue Nosed Quartz" was originally from the Eastern Federation's Wild Acres.  It is currently doing a Grand Tour of the Federations.  It was at Roswell, then Arlington, Paso Robles and then Enumclaw.  It will visit our neighbors at the Canadian Federation's 25th Anniversary show in Calgary.  It will travel to Port Townsend before traveling back to Wild Acres to be auctioned off again.  There will be a scrapbook history of it's travels.


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