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SFMS Slide and Video Programs

Current Slide and Video Programs Chair
Jason Hamilton • 3733 Crown Point Rd • Jacksonville, FL 32257
silver-rocks[] • 904-294-4744 

(Updated 3/31/2018)

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Borrowing Slides from the Southeast Federation Slide and Video Program:

Your Club must be a paid member of SFMS

Ordering Slide Programs:

  • Send your request to:
          Jason Hamilton • 3733 Crown Point Rd • Jacksonville, FL 32257
         silver-rocks[] • 904-294-4744 
  • Give at least 30 days advance notice to Slide Program Chairman when requesting programs.  This gives your club's Program Chairman a chance to familiarize him/herself with the contents of the program when received.
  • List at least two alternate choices. (First and second choices may not be available.)
  • Give full name of your club, plus your name, address and the phone number where you can be reached.
  • Give the date the program is to be presented to your club.
After the Program has been presented.
  • Please return within 4 days.
Before wrapping the program for return to the SFMS, check:
  • Make sure video is rewound.
  • That all slides are accounted for.
  • See that all slides are in numerical order.
  • That all slides are facing in the same direction.
  • Script, and/or cassette, is enclosed.
  • Please do not correct script!!!  Instead, put a note in box and the Slide Program Chairman will make needed corrections.
  • Return address - include club name.*
  • Address to Slide Program Chairman.*
  • Print "Library Rate" in lower lefl hand comer.*
  • Insure for $50.00! - It is more important that the slides be insured because if they are lost or damaged in the mail, they cannot be replaced.
Note 1) - Omit steps marked with (*)if return labels are used.
Note 2) - Many Postal Clerks are not familiar with "Library Rates".  It covers material - including slides - being sent to or from non-profit educational organizations.  If faced with this situation refer to: Section 725.1 DMM.

Warning: when slides are left too long in projector they will buckle from the heat and come loose from the frame, thus destroying a program!!

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