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Southeast Federation of Mineral Societies
Club Insurance Renewal
MARCH 15, 2016

SFMS Liability Insurance Information for 2016

1. The Liability Insurance policy period/coverage runs from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.

2. The SFMS must pay the insurance company for the entire policy by March 31. Your application for liability insurance and payment is due to the SFMS Insurance Liaison by March 15, 2016. Please be timely. Charlotte Caughman - Address at the bottom of the page.

3. IF your club wishes to participate in the Liability Insurance program, be sure to answer the questions on the SFMS Request for Liability Insurance Coverage form. 

4. The cost of the Liability Insurance is NOT included in your SFMS membership renewal fee

5. The Liability Insurance cost is determined by the number of members a club has and the number of shows your club has planned during the coverage year. That is why each club has two separate fees. The show liability cost being a flat fee per club sponsored show.

6. REQUEST FOR LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE: Amount is determined by total number of members multiplied by $2.00. To this total, add the flat fee of $220.00 per club show. Complete the Insurance Liability form on the website and mail with your check to the Assistant Treasurer/Insurance Liaison listed below.

7. Prior to your show date, about 30 days, a (fillable) Request for Certificate form (from the website) should be completed and emailed to:, your insurance liaison. This form provides the Insurance Liaison and the Insurance Agency with the necessary information concerning the show and to whom the certificate is provided. When this information is processed, both you and your show vendor will receive the proof of liability insurance Certificate.

8. Liability Insurance is NOT available for any club show that is held jointly with another organization (profit or non-profit) unless both clubs are SFMS members. The liability insurance is a policy to protect the Club and its Members against damage that may be caused to another party (person or property). It is not the intent of this policy to protect the individual club member from damage they may do or may cause to themselves or to their own property. The SFMS insurance is referred to as a “third party” policy, i.e., it is written to protect the club and its members against loss for damage caused by or action of one of its club members against another party. In other words it is insurance against loss resulting from liability (obligations) for injury or damage to person or property of others. Club members acting on their own (not club organized events, field trips etc.), are NOT covered under this policy. A member conducting operations as a dealer is not covered.

9. The SFMS does NOT offer an accident policy; all members should carry their own health/accident plans.

10. Any club that attends or sponsors a Dixie Mineral Council (DMC) field trip must have SFMS liability insurance coverage or be able to prove to the DMC Field Trip Director that they are covered by some other method. (For example: if a club is a member of both the SFMS and EFMS, and can provide proof of coverage through the EFMS then they are eligible for DMC field trip attendance.)

11. A copy of the general policy will be provided to the club/society insurance contact and a “Certificate of Coverage” for club show(s) will be provided to the club/society insurance contact and the facility on request from the Insurance Liaison. 

12. General Policy Information:
        A:  Policy: Commercial General Liability

        B: Limits: $ 2,000,000.00 per Occurrence

        C: $ 2,000,000.00 General Aggregate

        D: Coverage: Premises / operations, incidental product liability, Blanket contractual, Broad-form property damage;          Personal injury; medical expenses; Limited worldwide liability; Host liquor legal liability; Automatic coverage at newly acquired locations; non- owned watercraft; Fire damage liability.  Named Insured: Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc. Member clubs as their interest may appear.

 Agent: Snellings-Walters Ins Agency Atlanta, GA. Company: Cincinnati Insurance Company

Contact Information:
Mari Webb,  SFMS Treasurer
11133 Nebraska Ave.
Jacksonville, Florida   32219


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