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The Bulletin Editors' Hall of Fame was created in 1995 when Shirley Leeson suggested the AFMS recognize those editors and special people who have made an impact on other editors.  Each regional federation has a representative on the selection committee, and even editors in other countries have been honored.

Nominations come ONLY from other editors, and are not accepted if made by editors for themselves or by clubs for their own editor.  As this is NATIONAL recognition, bulletins should have distribution outside their own state/region.  Winning awards or trophies does NOT automatically qualify an editor for the Hall of Fame, nor does longtime service as editor.  These are considerations of course, but personal commitment, effort, involvement, dedication and consistent quality are even more important.  These intangibles are evident in the bulletin.

If you know of an editor (past or present) from any region or federation, who should be considered, submit your nomination to me.  Thanks!

Mark Easterbrook
6701 Dorchester Road, Apt 1007
North Charleston, SC 29418

Representing Southeast Federation are the following:
1995 - 

  • O.K. Bell*, Cocoa Gems, Cocoa, FL
  • Margie Dickson, Rocket City Rocks & Gems, Huntsville, AL
  • Jim Fowler*, SFMS Lodestar
  • Ruby Gunther*, Mountain Gem, Franklin, NC
  • Sol Humerckhouse*, Rock-A-Gram, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Helen Ladd, Chats & Chips, Sarasota, FL
  • Frank Mayo, Cobb-L-Stone, Marietta.  GA
  • Leo Morris, SFMS Lodestar; Cobb-L-Stone, Marietta, GA
  • Charlotte Styers, Cabber-Gabber, Mobile, AL
  • Allison Watkins*, SFMS Lodestar, Canaveral Moonstone, Melbourne, FL
1996 -
  • Barbara Droman, Rock Talk, Brooksville, FL
  • Margaret Johnson, High Country Gleamings, Hendersonville, SC
  • June Miller, Rockhound's Tale, Panama City, FL; Mid-Tenn Gemers, Murfreesboro,TN
  • Velma Moss*, Rocket City Rocks & Gems, Huntsville, AL
  • Fred Sias, Gemscoops, Seneca, SC
1997 - 
  • Robert Cynar, Anclote Scoop, Elfers, FL
  • Steve Owen*, Cobb-L-Stone, Marietta, GA
  • John Watkins, SFMS Bulletin Aids Chairman; K-Gems, Knoxville, TN
1998 - 
  • Steve Henegar, Mid-Tenn Gemers, Murfreesboro, TN
1999 - 
  • Vernon Meerdink, Mid-Tenn-Gemers, Murfreesboro, TN
  • Ray Rickards, Goldrush Ledger, Charlotte, NC
2001 - 
  • Ted Robles, Mountain Gem, Franklin, NC
2003 - 
  • Gayle Graham, Mountain Mineral Monthly, Asheville, NC
2006 -
  • Mark Easterbrook, Lowcountry Diggins, Charleston, SC
  • Carolyn Daniels, Editor SFMS "Lodestar" 

2013 -
  • Jeff Ursillo, The Rockhound, West Palm Beach, FL
2018 -
  • Hutch Brown, The Mineral Newsletter, N. Virginia Mineral Club
  • Bev Eisenacher, Rock Buster News, Central PA Rock & Mineral Club
  • Dan Fontaine, The Virginia Pen, Gem & Mineral Society of the VA Peninsula
  • Kathy Hrechka, The Mineral Mite, Micromineralogists of the National Capital Area
  • Joe Mulvey, Micromounters of New England Newsletter, Micromounters of NE
  • Jim Patzer, Fossil Finder, American Fossil Federation
  • Mitch Portnoy, Bulletin of the New York Mineralogical Club, NY Mineralogical Club
  • Rich Smith, The Rostrum, Maryland Geological Society

SFMS people inducted through other federations include:

1995 - 

  • Diane Dare, AFMS Bulletin Aids Chrm, S.LE.S. Club News, Benton, IL (MWF)
  • Terri Monagle, Chips & Facets, Miami, FL (EFMLS)
  • Sue Pitts*, Rocky Echoes, Jackson, MS (EFMLS)
1996 - 
  • Howard Binkley, Mid-Georgia Gem Clips, Macon, GA (EFMLS)
Regional Federation Newsletters Hall of Fame
SFMS Lodestar

Allison Watkins, Editor, Posthumously
Jim Fowler, Editor, Posthumously
Leo Morris, Editor


Carolyn Daniels, Editor

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