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2005 Challenge
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2005 AFMS Scholarship Foundation Challenge

In the October issue of the AFMS Newsletter Keith Harmon, President of the South Central Federation issued a challenge to all participating regional federations to help come up with the additional funds so that a second student may receive an AFMS Scholarship for the year 2005.

At the AFMS Scholarship Director’s meeting in Syracuse, the directors voted to suspend for the year 2005, the second scholarship. This was due in part to the low interest rates on our investments and also a carryover of expenses incurred in the investigation that was necessary to end our relationship with the former treasurer. The Directors also voted to allow us to accept “unrestricted funds”, something that we had not been allowed to do in the past. This means that Keith’s challenge may go forward and money sent to each of the regional scholarship chairpersons that specifies “Unrestricted” may go into a fund created for the sole purpose of granting a second scholarship for 2005.

At this time the goal is $12,000. This may seem a lot at first hand, but remember that Isabella Burns, AFMS 2001 President raised $10,000 in her “Million Penny drive. This money went into the “restricted fund” to help boost the amount in the Scholarship Fund. We would like to suggest the following: Everywhere rockhounds gather, pass the hat. Ask for pocket change at your meetings and events. Have a “Silver Shower” for the AFMS Scholarship Fund. All monies raised within each participating regional federation should be sent to your regional federation AFMS scholarship chairman and marked “UNRESTRICTED FUNDS.” The Chairman, in turn will forward the money to the AFMS Scholarship Treasurer and credit the participation to the individuals and clubs in their region.

To kick this “challenge” off, a collection was taken and a considerable amount was donated during the South Central Meeting in September, 2004. In addition, Russell Kemp, AFMS Past President and former President of the Scholarship Foundation now residing in Texas, wrote an “UNRESTRICTED” check for $100. What a great start! We have just received word from Willis Smith, co-chair of the MWF/AFMS Show and Convention, that we may have time on Saturday after the Midwest Federation Director’s meeting for a “LIVE AUCTION.”

We have already received a number of important items for this (more next issue on items) ….and the money from this auction will be added to the “unrestricted fund.” At the end of the show an announcement will be made as to whether we have reached our goal. Donations for the auction will be gratefully accepted. There will be a limit as to how many items may be auctioned off this year. All other items will be held for a future auction.

Remember, all money sent to your regional scholarship chairpersons must have “unrestricted” on the check or a note to that effect attached. All other money will continue to be collected as “restricted” and will go into the Scholarship Foundation

by Dee Holland, AFMS Scholarship Foundation President
December 2004/January 2005 AFMS Newsletter

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