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AFMS Uniform Rules
AFMS Uniform Rules AFMS Judges Training About Exhibiting


Download the AFMS Uniform Rules

Download Note

Some systems have had problems downloading PDF documents in their web browser.  The following download steps appear to overcome the problem.  The instructions are for use with Internet Explorer, but others should be similar.

Right Click the link
Select "Save Target As..."
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After the file has downloaded, open the file from the saved location.

Now Available . . .

Download the Complete or just the Updated Pages of AFMS 2017 Uniform Rules below:

AFMS_Rules_2018.pdf (790k)

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Download the following related documents below:

AFMS Approved Reference List of Classifications and Common Names for Fossils 2009 (175k)

AFMS Mineral Classification List 2003 (134k)

AFMS Mineral Classification List (2014 Additions & Corrections) (330k)

AFMS Mineral Classification List (2015 Updates) (56k)

AFMS Mineral Competition List (22k)  (09-13-2009)

AFMS Approved Reference List of Lapidary Mineral Names 2003 (Updated 2012) (330k) (07-15-2012)

AFMS Judging Worksheets (2.17M) (05-21-2017)

AFMS Eligibility Template 2020 (55K) (03-15-2020)

Adobe's Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or greater is required to display and print these documents.  Download the latest version of the free Acrobat Reader by clicking the icon below:

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AFMS Rules Changes for 2005

There are 13 pages of changes to the AFMS Rulebook for the year 2005. They are included in the document above, and will also be available from your Regional Federation Supplies Chair so you can update your Rulebook. There are changes to Cabochon Rules that are important. Minor changes were made in A division and Fossil division. All are effective as of January 1, 2005.

The September issue of the AFMS Newsletter contains a review of changes on page 5.

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AFMS Rules Changes for 2004

Table of Contents             Pages 1-2004, page 2-2004, Page 3-2004
AFMS Rules Committee Page S-I-P-VI-2004
Trophy listing Page S-I-P-VII-2-2004
Judging Points for all Divisions Page S-II-2-2004
Lapidary Page C-2-2004
Jewelry Pages D-3-2004. D-5-2004, D-6-2004
Petrified Wood Pages G-2-2004, G-3-2004, G-4-2004
Ultraviolet Page UV-4-2004

These 14 pages of changes are available from the AFMS Central Office and also contained in the 2004 Rules available above.

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Previous Uniform Rules are available by clicking below:

AFMS_Rules_2017.pdf   AFMS_Rules_2017_Updates.pdf
AFMS_Rules_2016.pdf   AFMS_Rules_2016_Updates.pdf
AFMS_Rules_2015.pdf   AFMS_Rules_2015_Updates.pdf
AFMS_Rules_2014.pdf   AFMS_Rules_2014_Updates.pdf
AFMS_Rules_2013.pdf   AFMS_Rules_2013_Updates.pdf
AFMS_Rules_2012.pdf   AFMS_Rules_2012_Updates.pdf


AFMS_Rules_2009.pdf   AFMS_Rules_2009_Updates.pdf
AFMS_Rules_2008A.pdf   AFMS_Rules_2008_Updates.pdf
AFMS_Rules_2007.pdf    AFMS_Rules_2007_Updates.pdf



Previous Related Documents are available by clicking  below:

AFMS Approved Reference List of Lapidary Mineral Names 2003 (129k)
AFMS Approved Reference List of Lapidary Mineral Names 2003 (Updated 2009) (153k)

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The Internet version of the AFMS Uniform Rules is to be distributed only from the AFMS website.  We encourage anyone to link to this page ( http://www.amfed.org/rules/rules.htm ), so anyone desiring to obtain the AFMS Uniform Rules can be assured of the version they are downloading, and information on any other available versions.  Please report any violations to the AFMS Central Office.

In the case this version of the AFMS Uniform Rules varies from the Official AFMS Uniform Rules as maintained by the AFMS Uniform Rules Chair, the version maintained by the AFMS Uniform Rules Chair shall take precedence.

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