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Recognition Award
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AFMS Recognition Award

The AFMS Recognition Award began in 2003 by Past President Steve Weinberger and the AFMS Past Presidents Committee.

The AFMS Recognition Award is presented annually to an individuals or individuals who have served the AFMS in an exceptional manner. Nominations are obtained from the AFMS Past Presidents and then a committee of (the last three AFMS Past Presidents) selects the recipient from among those nominated.

The AFMS Recognition Award is made public at the annual AFMS Convention during the Awards Banquet.

Below is a summary of the AFMS Recognition Award Recipients from 2003 to present.

Recognition Award Recipient
Past President
Convention Locatio
2003 June Culp Zeitner Steve Weinberger Ventura, CA
2004 Jim Hurlbut Ronald R. Carman Syracuse, NY
2005 Dee Holland Marve Starbuck St. Louis, MO
2006 Dorothy and Glenn Lee Bill Smith Nashville, TN
2007 Marge Collins Jim Robinson Roswell, NM
2008 Steve and Carolyn Weinberger Dr. Robert Carlson Houston, TX*
2009 Ruth Bailey Shirley Leeson Billings, MT
2009 Ed Romack Shirley Leeson BIllings, MT
2010   Joy Bourne La Habra, CA
2011   Emerson Tucker Syracuse, NY
2012 Anne Cook Bob Miller Minnetonka, MN
2013 Shirley Leeson Lauren Williams Jacksonville, FL
2014 Pat LaRue Don Monroe Tulsa, OK
2015 B. Jay Bowman Richard Jaeger Austin, TX
2016 Dr. Robert Carlson Marion Roberts Albany, OR
2017 Jim Brace-Thompson Matthew Charsky Ventura, CA
2018   Ronald R. Carman Raleigh, NC

*The 2008 AFMS Annual Convention, Houston TX, was not held due to Hurricane Ike.  The 2008
AFMS Recognition Award was handed out at the 2009 AFMS Annual Convention in Billings, MT.

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