American Federation of Mineralogical Societies
Club Web Site, Contest for 2023

Website Contest Chairperson

Cheri George
2255 W Ave O
Palmdale, CA 93551
(562) 243-8470

Due Date about January 2023

By Cheri George

Our Federation is not as active in submitting websites for the AFMS Website Contest as I would like it to be. But thanks to Donn Ullery from the West Seattle Rock Club for submitting his Website or we would have been sitting there looking like a bunch of schmucks! Let’s get our ducks in order this year and submit the websites for evaluation. Who knows, you might win 1st Place. I know there a lot of fine websites out there, because I have looked at them. One year a chairman from another federation picked five who he thought were good and submitted them without using the Webmasters form. It was very interesting. Two of them placed in AFMS and the Webmasters were quite shocked to receive their certificates. I really don’t want to do that, as I think that the Webmaster or the club President should be the one to submit their Website.

A big hearty congratulations to Donn Ullery for his First Place in NFMS, and second place in AFMS. We will keep on trying, I know there is a First place quality website out there in NFMS-land. Let’s go people!!

Our closing date for accepting applications is 1 February 2015, since our show is fairly early this will give the judges a chance to get all their perusing done; and give me time to get the trophy. Thank you!!