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January 2001



All American Awards 2000 - Congratulations to the Winners!
Address Correction - Arlene Burkhalter
A Buzz From The President - Honors For Your Society
Attending The Convention
Safety - Help Me!
Rockhound Hall Of Fame
Uniform Rules Changes
AFMS Rockhound of the Year
Education - All American Club Award Program
All-American Club Award Entry - 2001
An Invitation - Wildacres
Scholarships - Where Did Our Money Go?
New Officers
Editor's Seminar at Quartzsite
My Opinion - Uniform Rules on the Internet

SERVING SEVEN REGIONAL FEDERATIONS                                     January, 2001

from Lyle & Colleeen Kugler

The All American Awards Committee would like to congratulate the following clubs for their entries in the All American Awards in 2000 and encourage all of them to participate in 2001!

Large Clubs

Midwest Mineralogical and Lapidary Society
Midwest Federation
Gold Award and Highest Scoring Large Club

Arlington Gem & Mineral Club
South Central Federation
Silver Award

Small Clubs

Fort Worth Gem & Mineral Club
South Central Federation
Gold Award & Highest Scoring Small Club

Cross Timbers Gem & Mineral Club
South Central Federation
Gold Award

Lake Elsinore Gem & Mineral Society
California Federation
Gold Award

Fossils For Fun
California Federation
Silver Award

Waco Gem & Mineral Club
South Central Federation
Silver Award

Northwest Wisconsin Gem & Mineral Society
Midwest Federation
Silver Award

Williamson County Gem & Mineral Society
South Central Federation
Bronze Award

Santa Lucia Rockhounds
California Federation
Bronze Award

We would like to thank all of the regional chairmen, the judges, and all of the clubs that participated in 2000. The entry forms for the 2001 competition are found elsewhere in this newsletter. If you have any questions call, write, or email us

AFMS All American Awards Chairmen
Lyle & Colleen Kugler
612 S. E. Third Street
Aledo, Illinois 61231
or email lkugler@mcol.net

from Arlene Burkhalter

Both listings for my name and address in the December issue of the AFMS Newsletter had errors. My correct name and address is:

( Mrs.) Arlene Burkhalter, Treasurer
AFMS Scholarship Foundation
P.O. Box 1007
Choctaw, OK 73020-1007
e-mail: <maburk1@msn.com>

Please make the correction for your records.


by Isabella Bums, President, AFMS

Greetings for the New Year! As AFMS moves into 2001, there are many opportunities for your club to be honored. At the AFMS/SCFMS Convention & Show, A Gem Odyssey, June 11 - 17, 2001 in Arlington, Texas you could receive recognition for successes and accomplishments. Every dub in every Federation affiliated with the AFMS is invited to take these challenges.

The Each Year -Each Club -One Rockhound name has been changed to AFMS Club Rockhound of the Year. I hear many complaints that members do not volunteer to serve as officers or to teach a class. This type of honor might encourage more people to participate. Have you ever tried it? Your club chooses a member who has given their time, service and talent to your organization this year and notify your Regional Chairman* of your choice and include a short resume. The person will be honored with a certificate and have their name listed in the AFMS Newsletter and Regional Federation Newsletter. Pasadena Lapidary framed the certificates presented to George & Mona Snyder last year and had a nice tribute to them at a regular meeting. Try it, you will like it!

Another name change was Education Committee to Education - All American Committee. This is a society award presented for things that you do every year - bulletins, programs, service to members, to community, to neighboring clubs and the Federation. The application form for this year's competition is included in this issue of the AFMS Newsletter for your convenience. This is not a contest for the best club, but each society entry is rated and receives a bronze, silver or gold award. Some one collects the information and sends it to the regional chair for rating and the best ones from each Federation are sent to the AFMS Chair. You can proudly receive a certificate of accomplishment. Hold your head up high!

AFMS was proud to present 22 trophies to masters in different classes of Minerals, Lapidary Work, Metal Work, Fossils, Petrified Wood, Education, and others at the AFMS/RMFMS Show presented by the Points and Pebble Club in Moab, Utah. Your members or your society can win trophies, also. Find the Uniform Rules Book and plan to exhibit in competition this year. Do not say "we did that several years ago": This is a new millennium.

Bulletin Editors have their opportunity to be honored and even members can be honored for articles they write for the newsletter. These are under Club Publications. Unfortunately if you have not entered the , this program is underway for this year. Did you know that we even have an Editors Hall of Fame for editors who have produced exceptional newsletters?

Program Competition. Another neat program, is creating a slide or video program regarding some phase of our recreation and entering it for an award of $200.00. Your slide librarian or the AFMS Program Competition Chair will help you with this.

I hope that you will accept my invitation and try these methods to improve your club and will be proud of the results. Good Luck!

* I requested each Regional Federation President to send me the names of their chairs, but as this has to be written in November only have CFMS and EFMLS reports, You can got this information from your Regional Federation President, AFMS Regional Vice President, or from the AFMS Committee Chairs (Published in last months AFMS Newsletter.

AFMS Club Rockhound of the Year Chairs -
    CFMS Colleen McGann,
    EFMLS -Cathy Gaber
Education - All American Chairs -
    CFMS Robert and Dorothy Beachler
    EFMLS - Hazel Remaley

by Steve Weinberger, President-elect

...and show in Moab, Utah this year has renewed my respect and admiration for the knowledge and dedication of those individuals serving the hobby at all levels. Although many people we see at AFMS meetings have been active for many years, the newcomers readily fit in.

This integration of old and new members is the key to a successful club. The more experienced members invite the newer ones to participate in committee work, the annual show, class instruction, outreach programs, etc. The catch words to invite people are interest and ability. New members are much more likely to participate if they have an interest in and the ability for a particular activity. The membership committee can work with new or potential members to determine their interests and abilities. Usually all that is needed is a personal contact - many people are reluctant to jump in and volunteer.

People who serve at the federation levels are self-motivated, and they all started out at the club level. The talent potential is out there - why not tap into it?

by Mel Albright, AFMS Safety Chairman

You're on a club field trip. Suddenly you hear "Help me!". One of the members has a medical problem and needs first aid. Does your club have a first aid kit for field trips (and for the club shops)?


The first question that each of us always has is "What should be in our first aid kit?" We can't carry (or afford) everything an ambulance has. On the other hand, we need to have the stuff needed for the most likely medical problems that might show up on a field trip. I cannot describe the ideal kit for your club. So, below I've given some problem areas you might consider and what supplies might be needed for them. Perhaps you will think of other areas. Very likely you can think of more stuff than I list for each potential problem area.

bulletAsthma and allergies - Antihistamines, inhalers
bulletBroken bones - Splints for fingers, arms, and legs
bulletBurns - Cold packs, rolled gauze
bulletCuts and scrapes
bulletTo clean - hydrogen peroxide, Merthiolate, antibiotic cream
bulletTo cover - small Band-Aids, large Band-Aids, 4" gauze pads, adhesive tape, small and large butterfly bandages (these close cuts until they are stitched)
bulletFood problems - Antacid, emetic, baking soda, diarrhea medicine
bulletHeart attacks - 
bullet2 regular aspirin at once - then transport to nearest emergency facility. There is now available a non-professional shock paddle system. It is for people like you and I to use.
bulletInsect sting and bites - bee sting medicine (critical if a member is allergic!), calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream
bulletOverheating - Salt pills, spray water bottle, cold packs, water, wash cloth, tarp for shade
bulletPain - Enteric Aspirin, adult and child , AND acetaminophen, or other over the counter pain medication
bulletPoison Ivy, Poison oak, poison sumac - Soap and water, calamine lotion, poison ivy medicine
bulletSnake bites - Snake bite kit
bulletSprains - cold packs, cloth triangle for arm support, elastic bandages
bulletSun - sun spray or cream rated at least 15 SPC . (Spray is not messy). mentholatum

EVERY first aid kit should have the needed tools - Scissors, soap, water, tweezers and a current First Aid Manual (See recent safety article on available manuals)

Now - how about your club? Why not go through the list above and decide whether your club should worry and then what stuff the first aid kit needs. Make a list of the items needed and go buy them. Fishing tackle boxes make handy, watertight cases and are inexpensive. So after you buy everything else, get a box to hold everything. A bright red or yellow one is a good idea so it is highly visible and quickly located. Mark it plainly in large letters.

And remember, it really helps if one or more members is up to date in First Aid techniques.

Good Health!!

by Gert Larson, MWF State Director

In 1987, a list of 27 talented people became the first inductees to the National Rockhound & Lapidary Hall of Fame. All deceased. Each year since then, names have been added to the plaques under Minerals, Lapidary, Jewelry, Fossils, Education and Deceased. This very special "Hall of Fame", sponsored by the Lapidary Journal, is located in Murdo, South Dakota. Murdo is pretty much centrally located in the U.S.A. on I-90.

The owner of the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo, Mr. D. Geisler, provided a special room in his museum to house the Rockhound Hall of Fame and the Zeitner (yes, June & Albert Zeitner's collection). It's well worth your while to stop and look.

The Hall of Fame has been funded by individuals, groups and by club donations. Our South Dakota clubs have held auctions and raffles to raise money to help cover expenses. At our last South Dakota State Earth Science Society meeting, it was decided that other states should be informed of the need since the inductees are from all over the U.S. For instance, as of 1999 there were individuals representing 23 states. South Dakota is proud to have the honor of housing the National Rockhound and Lapidary Hall of Fame within its borders.

Each year every club should be receiving a ballot for nominees. They are to be sent in with a resume of the nominees to June Zeitner by October 30. Her address is on the ballot. Nominations are then given to a committee of seven who ten select the person or persons for each category. All these people volunteer their time and expertise.

As the MWF State Director for North and South Dakota, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that there is a Rockhound Hall of Fame, where it is located and that it can always use your help. Any donation can be sent to

National Rockhound & Lapidary Hall of Fame
HC 74, Box 21
Murdo, SD 57559-9215
Attn: Maxine M. Wilson, Curator

from Louellen Montgomery

Several changes to the AFMS Uniform Rules were approved at the Moab meetings. Here are the changes:

Class CC-3, Cabochons with rough, Page C-11, 1993:

Rule 11.1 Number of cabochons shall be a minimum of twenty-five (25) and a maximum of sixty (60) for all CC classes except CC-3, which will be fifteen (15) minimum cabochons and thirty (30) maximum cabochons.

CC-3 Cabochons: any style, with a piece of rough specimen showing the cut surface from which the cabochon was taken. Rough material not to be judged. No cabochons mounted. Fifteen (15) cabochons minimum. (F) (1) (T17)

Rule 2.10, Minerals Division, Page B-5, 1998.

Rule 2.10 References
(a) Nomenclature shall be based on the current AFMS "Mineral Classification List".
(b) Geographical names are acceptable as they appear in any journal or published book on the subject. Published State maps, atlases, or dictionaries can also be used.
(c) The exhibitor may provide the judges with supplemental reference information.
    1. The reference information may be included in the comment column of the mineral list. 
    2. For exhibits of a special nature, the exhibitor may provide a copy of appropriate reference material for the judges. The judges cannot be responsible for returning the material to the exhibitor.

The above changes to Rule 2.10 will require editorial corrections to Rule 2.1 (a)(1) and (2), Page B-1, 1992 and Rule 2.1 (a)(4), Page B-2- 1992.

Editorial Comments:

We do not want the exhibitor providing original manuscripts from a library etc. where the judge would become responsible for the book. The last sentence in (c) 2. The Mineral Classification List will be updated at least 3 months before the 2001 AFMS Show. An annual update sheet will be made available in subsequent years.

In addition to the change in the rules noted above, several committees have been formed to report at the 2001 Uniform Rules meeting which will be held in Arlington, Texas. These committees are - the Scrimshaw Committee; committee to study Divisions C and D (Lapidary and Jewelry/Art Metalcraft) to provide conformity as to the number of specimens (minimum/maximum) displayed; committee to study Fossils Division, F-10, regarding changes needed.

Individuals wishing to give input to the various committees named above or who wish to propose subsequent rules changes should contact their regional federation Uniform Rules Chair.

Printed copies of the updated rules will be available through your regional supplies chairman in early 2001. Watch this space for an announcement of their availability.

from Bonnie Glismann

Here are the latest club members to be recognized by their club. Why not make a new year's resolution to recognize someone in your club for this year? It's easy to do...just select someone, tell us why you want this person recognized and send your information to me.

Bonnie Glismann
4326 South 200
West Ogden, UT 84405

Then watch this space!!

Northwest Federation

Dale and Helen Fryer were Charter Members of the Billings Gem and Mineral Club, the largest club in Montana. They initiated 50 years of generous contributions to the club, the state council and the federation, and an unlimited number of community projects. They have held offices and chaired all committees and are the club work horses showing enthusiasm, energy and ambition for every job they undertake. We thank them for their unlimited contributions to the Billings Gem and Mineral Club.

Submitted by Larry G. Field, Board Member
Billings Gem and Mineral Club, Billings, Montana

California Federation

The Clark County Gem Collectors would like to nominate Lue Bartlett as their 2000 Rockhound of the Year. Lue was our California Federation Representative for 200. She has belong to the club for 48 years. She is an accomplished artist in lost wax casting and jewelry making. She has held many positions in the club and has also been called on to demonstrate her skills at many gem shows.

Submitted by Ralph Vincent
Clark County Gem Collectors, Nevada

South Central Federation

The Lubbock Gem and Mineral Society would like to nominate John Smyers as their AFMS Club Rockhound of the Year. He is a willing volunteer for school programs, at the Science Spectrum Show and as a tutor for beginner lapidary. He as been an officer in our club and a contributor at our annual show. He has a passion for turquoise and all things rockhounds do.

Submitted by Carl Childers
Lubbock Gem and Mineral Society

Eastern Federation

Laura L. Delano, club secretary, is proud to announce that the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club has nominated Ronald Lucia as the club's AFMS Club Rockhound of the Year. Over the years, Ron has managed to amass a spectacular collection of minerals. He shares his collection by displaying it at various public locations, such as the Forbes Library in Northampton, MA and at our Club's annual show. He is perhaps best known and recognized for his involvement in working with school children at local schools, giving presentations about minerals and mineral collecting. He leaves a specimen for each child and a nice specimen for each teacher. He encourages his club members to participate indirectly, by donating any of their locally collected extras" to his cause. He also works every year at our Club Show, always behind the scenes; helping dealers and club members set up the show, but yet never looking for recognition and accolades.

Midwest Federation

John and Regina Fischer are charter members of the Greater Cincinnati Lapidary & Faceting Society which started in 1989. Officially, John was elected a member of the Board of Directors in 1991 and again in 1998, each time for a three year term. Officially, Regina served as club treasurer in 1993, 1998, 1999 and has been the membership chairperson since 1993. No official records are available, but I'm sure that both John and Regina served on the nominating committee sometime in the ten years of the clubs existence. They have co-lead field trips, given programs and have been ambassadors for the club by participating in many community events during which they gave lapidary demonstrations. They have served their club well and well all would like to thank them.

from Colleen and Lyle Kugler, AFMS Co-Chairs

Established in 1967 by the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies and the seven regional federations, the All-American Club Award is meant to: Encourage local club embers to share their expertise and enthusiasm for the hobby within their respective regions.

Provide a model for organizing an annual historical account for the posterity of each club, and offer an opportunity for national recognition of exceptional clubs.

Just as the award is focused on quality effort that enables members to grow and clubs to flourish, it is also focused on quality that the All-American Club Award judges seek in evaluating applications for regional and national honors. Completeness of the report is important, and quality is valued over quantity. The clubs' respective regional chairman must receive entries by the date they specify.

This is not a competition of one club against others. This is an evaluation of quality based on a standard of excellence. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are granted for achievement of point in the appropriate scoring range. Only the top regional and national awards are determined on a high point basis. To allow more equality, separate top awards will be given for large clubs (100 or more members), small clubs (up to 99 members) and organized junior divisions (5 or more members).

Report Form Instructions

Each entry is to be submitted as a single document limited to a maximum of 100 sheets (one or two sided) including text and graphics. A loose-leaf notebook is a suitable binder.

The document should have six sections divided with numbers 1 through 6, with the entry form in Section 1 and the supporting information for each of the entry sections following the appropriate divider. There is no restriction on the number of pages in any section.

When filling out the entry form, mark all appropriate blanks and entry numbers or other information where requested. Assemble requested supporting materials and lists following the appropriate section divider, and then insert photos or other graphics following the typed information. You will be completing the year's entry in the early part of 2001. Remember that all requested information is for the year 2000.

Here are the names and addresses for four of the Regional All American Club Chairman. Contact your regional president if your rep. is not listed.

Midwest Federation & AFMS Chairmen

Lyle & Colleen Kugler
612 S. E. Third Street
Aledo, Illinois 61231 
email <lkugler@mcol.net>

California Federation

Robert Beachler
89 Buckskin Lane
Rolling Hills Estates, California 90274-4253
email <rrbeachler@juno.com>

South Central Federation

Mary Muller
217 Laredo
Hewitt, Texas 76643
email <mary_muller@hotmail.com>

Eastern Federation

Hazel Remaley
RD #3, Box 316A
Gillett, PA 16825

Application forms for YOUR club entry are found on pages 5 & 6 of this issue. Feel free to copy them as needed. We're really looking forward to reading about YOUR club this year.


Section 1 - Club Information (No points awarded)

 Club Name and Address:______________________________________________


Date Organized: _________________________ Federation: __________________

Number of Members: Adult __________ Junior: __________  Life __________

Type of Application: Large: __________ Honorary ________ Small: _________

Meeting Place:_____________________________________________________

Applicant Name, Address and Phone:____________________________________



e-mail: _______________________________________

Mission or Purpose of Club:



Section 2 - Service to Members & Guests (30 points possible)

General Meetings:
    Number of meetings _______Average Attendance:________ Guests: _________

    Door Prizes: Yes __________ No __________

Programs: Include list for the year, naming type of program, speaker etc.

Board Meetings:
    Number of meetings: ________Average Attendance: ________ Guests: ______

List officers, directors and committee chairmen

Junior Meetings:
    Number of meetings ________Average Attendance: ________ Guests: _______

    Adult Leader_____________________________________________________

Special Group Meetings:
    Number attending        Cabbing __________ Faceting __________ 

    (established groups)   Metal working __________ Beading__________

Social Events:
    Number attending Summer Picnic __________Installation Dinner__________ 

                                    Holiday Diner ___________Other (identify) ____________

Show Conducted: Yes _______ No______ Date: ____________________

    Number of Members Attended: ______________

    Number of Dealers____________

    Number of Members Helping: _________ Number of Demonstrations _______

Field Trips: Number of field trips:________ List locations, duration and attendance

Special Features: Club Library Yes _____ No _____ Number of Books ________

    Workshops or Classes Yes_________ No______ List kinds

    Permanent Traveling Displays Yes____ No_____ List type and locations

Section 3 - Publications and Publicity (15 points possible)

Bulletin Name______________________________________________________

Editor's Name______________________________________________________

Were meeting notices posted in libraries, stores, etc.? Yes ____ No____

Were meeting notices published in local newspapers? Yes ____ No ____

Were show fliers posted in public places? Yes ____ No____

Were show notices published in local papers? Yes ____ No____

Were meetings or shows announced on radio or TV? Yes ____ No____

Copies of any supporting material such as printed articles about club or members, show announcements or fliers, meeting and show notices from newspapers should be submitted.

Section 4 - Support for the Federation (Regional and American) and other clubs (20 points possible)

Members served as Federation officers or on committees
    Regional Yes______ No ______ National Yes______ No_____

Members attended: Regional Federation Convention & Show Yes____ No _____

                                 American Federation Convention & Show Yes ____ No _____

Club or members contributed to Scholarship Fund or Endowment Funds Yes__No__

Members gave programs for other clubs Yes __________ No _____________

Members attended other club shows/swaps/workshops Yes ____ No ____

Members displayed cases at other club shows Yes ____ No____

Monthly bulletin exchanged with other clubs Yes ____ No____

Joint field trips with other clubs Yes ____No____

Supporting material should include a list of all above persons, positions, and other activies and could include pictures, copies of certificates, etc.

Section 5 - Community Relations (15 points possible)

Talks or demonstrations given at schools, youth groups, etc. Yes ____No ____

Displays at libraries or other public locations Yes ____ No _____

Booth or other activity at local fairs or events Yes ____ No _____

Support for other community activities Yes ____ No ____

Donations of materials to schools, nursing home, groups etc. Yes ____ No ____

Supporting material should provide details for all above items and could include pictures, thank you cards, Certificates of Appreciation, etc.

Section 6 - Government Agency and Legislative Relations (10 points possible)

Members served on agency committees Yes _____ No _____

Members provided comments on agency proposals and drafts Yes ____No ____

Members contacted congressmen concerning legislation affecting access or collection
            Yes ____ No ____

Club or members supported access/collection-lobbying organization Yes ___No___

Supporting materials should provide details for all above items and could include copies of letters sent.

Section 7 - Overall Format & Presentation of Submission (10 points possible)

This will be judged on neatness, organization, grammar and spelling, and the overall presentation of material.

Scoring and Awards

Gold All American Club - 90 - 100 points
Silver All American Club - 80 - 89 points
Bronze All American Club - 70 - 79 points

from the Eastern Federation

Wildacres is a non-profit organization which annually opens its doors to some 50+ non-profit groups. Both the Eastern Federation and Southeast Federation are fortunate to be among them. The facility, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, North Carolina is actually located on a private mountain and features "motel style" lodging, modern meeting facilities and family style meals. Views from the grounds are spectacular and unspoiled.

Each EFMLS Workshop session features instruction in a variety of hobby related skills and a guest speaker. Initially established as a training ground for those wishing to become judges of competitive exhibits at shows, the EFMLS Wildacres Workshops have now been expanded to include hands on instruction in a variety of hobby related skills. A guest speaker is also part of each session - for example, the spring 2001 speaker will be the knowledgeable and always engaging Bob Jones, Sr. Editor for Rock & Gem Magazine.

Although preference is given to members of EFMLS clubs, a few places have been reserved for members of clubs in other federations who are interested in taking the "Certified Judging" class at either of the two 2001 sessions (May 7 - 13 and Sept. 4 - 10). The cost for the week - including room and board is a modest $260.

Those attending will be able to join in on all activities planned for the week - talks by the guest speaker, a "free day" to tour the area (Mt. Mitchell, the highest point on the east coast and Biltmore, the chateau home of one of the Vanderbilt's are but a few miles away) or go rock hunting, an auction and a "fun night" along with lots of great conversation.

If you are interested in attending either session, you will need to send a deposit of $125 per person to Registrar Tom Milligan, 1107 Ivory Foster Rd; Owego, NY 13827-4324. Checks payable to "EFMLS". Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and name of club and federation. Also indicate that you wish to take the Certified Judging class.

Those who have been to Wildacres can attest that the week is a wonderful experience. We hope that some of you will join members of the Eastern Federation this year so you can share our "little bit of heaven".

by Shirley Leeson

I have written often lately about the AFMS and CFMS Scholarships and those chosen has honorees and finally the students who received the money... Who were they and where did they go?

Here is a success story you'll all be proud of.

In 1983 Captain John Sinkankas was honored by the CFMS to receive the AFMS Scholarship Award. He chose San Diego State University. The two students who were chosen were Ronald J. Kofron, a graduate of San Clemente High School who received his BS in Geology from San Diego State University where he was pursuing his MS in Geology with the goal of being an Exploration Geologist. His thesis research was focused on the origin of mineralization in the Julian-Banner District where he mapped the vein structure. His objective was to determine the age of the hydrothermal vein system, using K-Ar methods.

The other student was Karl J. Mueller, who received his BS in Geology with distinction at San Diego State University, where he worked on his MS. Karl hoped to work at a challenging position in the petroleum industry. He spent the summer of 1981 as a field assistant on Annette Island, Alaska and 1982 as an assistant geologist with Tenneco Oil Company. Karl had assisted with several publication on the geology of Southwestern Arizona.

Here is the rest of the story.....

With the help of the 1995 AFMS recipient, Dr. Michael Walawender, who is still teaching at SDSU, I was able to contact Karl J. Mueller.

I asked Karl if he had an extra thesis, as I was trying to collect them for our "Historical Reference Library: and he wrote back that the thesis was too long (400 pages) to copy but he enclosed a copy of his list of papers published and they amounted to four single-spaced pages of works.

After his MS at SDSU he went on to get his PH.D in Geology at the University of Wyoming. His resume he sent me consisted of 12 pages of achievements.

His achievements in plate tectonic configurations has earned him national recognition.

He is current an Assistant Professor, Department of Geological Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

Karl is indeed a success story and you can all be proud that the AFMS Scholarship helped him on his way...

Now if I could only find Ronald J. Kofron. If YOU have any information on former CFMS or AFMS Scholars, please contact me.

Your AFMS Historian, Shirley Leeson <shirleyleeson@email.msn.con>

from Dan McLennan

Many clubs elect new officers at this time of the year. Have you notified the AFMS Central Office of any changes? Today would be a good time to do it before you forget.

Each affiliated club is entitled to receive three (3) copies of the AFMS Newsletter each month. Usually the president and editor each receive a copy and the third copy goes to someone else you designate. You need to tell us the name and address of each of these three (3) recipients so the newsletter can be sent to them.

Please be certain to include the name of your club when notifying me of the changes and if possible, the names of those who should be deleted/replaced on the mailing list.

Send your new officer information to the AFMS Central Office...address on page 2 of this issue.

And, while you're thinking about it...are you a subscriber? Is it time to renew your subscription? If it is, please send your check for $3.50 (payable to AFMS) to Dan at the address on page 2.

by Shirley Leeson, SCRIBE Vice President

Who: SCRIBE (Special Congress Representing Involved Bulletin Editors:
What: A Symposium
Where: Senior Citizens Community Center, Moon Mountain Rd. Quartzsite, AZ
Time: 9:00 am to noon ARIZONA TIME
When: Saturday, January 27, 2001

The International organization of SCRIBE, (Special Congress Representing Involved Bulletin Editors) will hold their annual meeting at the SENIOR CITIZENS Community Center, Moon Mountain Road at 9 am Arizona time on Saturday, January 27, 2001. There is a small registration fee of $2.50 to cover expenses and refreshments. You can reach the center off of Main Street between Hiway 95 and the overpass near Main Event.

All current, past and prospective editors should make an effort to attend this meeting. We will share information on the editor contests, and problems that editors may have. Those of you who have solved all your problems, please come and tell us how you did it!

For the past several years, Kitty Starbuck, AFMS Publications chairman and several of the regional bulletin aids chairmen have attended and have given important input into the regional and national bulletin contests. Be there to offer your ideas.

by B. J. Bowman, EFMLS Uniform Rules Chair

At the recent AFMS/RFMS convention in Moab, A question was asked as to why the Uniform Rules could not be put on the internet so people would have better access to them. First I would like to address access to the rules. My own feeling is that every competitor should have their own copy of the rules and read them before every competition. The same holds for judges. Yes competitors do not really need the section on fossils if they are competing in micro mounts nor do the competitors who are competing in fossils need the section on micro mounts but they each need the first two sections plus the introductory section on their respective areas. The Uniform Rules are published as a complete book and should be purchased that way and kept that way for the information to be readily available. The book is really not that expensive and is available from the supplies chairman of each federation. Every club should have a copy of the Rules in the club library AND KEEP THEM UPDATED. Any one who does not want to purchase their own copy should be able to read the rules when preparing a display for competition.

Now as to why the Rules are not on the internet, they are but not authorized copies. I have seen three different Rules books that were downloaded from various web sights and all three had errors. If you do find them on the internet and down load them you must check them against an authorized version or you could be in trouble when trying to explain to the judge why you did an exhibit in a certain way. Yes, theoretically, there is a way to put them on the net in a format where most people would not be able to change them. However, if they were put on the internet by the AFMS then other webmasters would figure it was all right for them to put their own copies on the web and I would bet that within a year the UNIFORM RULES would no longer be UNIFORM.

It has been brought up at the AFMS rules committee meetings in the past. The majority of the members of that committee did not agree and the proposal has been defeated at least twice that I know of. And until there is a guaranteed way to keep them from being compromised, I do not believe it will be agreed to in the near future.

The cost of a copy of the Uniform Rules is minor in comparison to the cost, effort and time involved in preparing a case for competition. Why take a chance that the rules you are following are not the proper ones. And, please, when reading the rules, read them all the way through. Don't stop at a comma or just read one sentence. Read all of sections one and two, then the entire introduction for your area; minerals, lapidary, etc. and then the section on your specific specialty.

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