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November 1999
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A.F.M.S. Newsletter

Serving Seven Regional Federations

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Vol. 52 Issue 10

November, 1999


Executive Officers' Reports:
AFMS Has New Editor
Quartzsite / S.C.R.I.B.E.
Each� Club - Each Year - One Rockhound
Editors Awards
Moab, 2000

Executive Officers� Reports:
What�s a Federation For?

Dan Lingelbach

In a few words, a Federation is for helping its members accomplish their purposes and objectives. For a Regional Federation it�s for helping the individual clubs to accomplish their objectives.� Different clubs are organized for different reasons, but most, I assume, are organized as an education non-profit club.

Being educational should involve keeping its members informed on actions that affect them and providing information to help them learn various activities associated with our hobby. Some of the things a club needs then are: first, a meeting place to get together to exchange information and have fun, a newsletter, informative and interesting programs, field trips, shows to help people appreciate the hobby, swaps, instruction in the crafts part of our hobby and other fun activities.

The AFMS and participating Regional Federations have programs to help clubs� accomplish their objectives. For one, there are Club Publications Committee members in each federation who are available to help club editors with their newsletters. These chairpersons coordinate the Bulletin Editors Contest in which club editors are encouraged to submit their newsletters for constructive� evaluation and recognition. The AFMS also has a Bulletin Editors Hall of �Fame to honor those long enduring editors who have made a positive impact on other editors and readers.

To help clubs have informative and interesting programs, the Federations have program libraries with videos and slide programs which can be checked out through the Federation Programs Librarian. Some of these collections are the result of the AFMS Program Competition in which club members or clubs themselves are encouraged to develop and submit programs for evaluation. Programs receiving sufficient scores above 90 are awarded First, Second and Third places. If sufficient funds are available, copies are made and distributed to the Regional Federation Libraries. These funds come from the interest earned on the AFMS Endowment Fund.

Every Regional Federation has an annual show and convention hosted by a club or clubs within that region to show the public and other club members what rockhounds can accomplish by displaying rocks, mineral and fossils. The AFMS and most Regional Federations have guidelines on how to conduct a show and are willing to provide a show consultant. Even fairly small clubs can put on a show, all you need are willing helpers and a reasonable place to hold it. This is a good way to keep up interest in the club, if the members are willing to help. Almost any club can have a swap. Here is where the Federation Newsletter and club newsletters can help to advertise the show or swap. To help reduce the cost of having a show, swap, field trip or other activity, a volunteer commercial third party liability insurance program is available through most of the Regional Federations. This is usually at a lower cost than a club can obtain locally, since per unit costs are lower, the larger the group covered.

Field trips are generally one activity that most members enjoy and participate in one time or another. Some clubs are located where it is convenient to utilize public lands. Unfortunately there are some national groups that don�t consider rockhounding� a bona fide educational or recreational activity and are systematically forcing the closure of existing rock hunting areas. All Federations have Public Land Advisory� or Conservation and Legislation Committees whose objectives are to help� rockhounds keep� informed about changes in government regulations that would affect the public�s access to public land for rock hunting. Also, we support the American Lands Access Association, a rockhound lobbying organization, that is trying to convince Congress that rockhounding is a legitimate recreational activity. They are trying to get a couple of bills passed in Congress to accomplish this. However, the main help must come from the individual members convincing their own congressman that this should be done.

One new program that is gaining momentum, that provide better communication among members and information to the public, is the Federation Web Pages. This is no doubt the way of the future to reach our members. A lot of progress has been made in the last year through the efforts of Lewis Elrod, our President and Marty Hart, our Web Master.

Hopefully, the AFMS and Regional Federations are providing programs that will help all clubs and members to accomplish their goals. Naturally, if there are any suggestions on other programs that we should be considering, I would be pleased to hear about them. Happy Rockhunting.

Central Office
Dan McLennan, AFMS Secretary

November is often the time of year when clubs elect new officers.� Is yours one of them?

Each club is entitled to receive three (3) issues of the AFMS Newsletter each month.� Usually the club President and Editor are two of the three recipients with the third individual often the Vice-President, or Federation representative.� The news contained in the AFMS Newsletter can only be of use to you and your club members if the proper individuals are receiving it.

Please, as your officers change, take a moment to notify the AFMS Secretary.� Send the name and address of the three members who should receive the newsletter, along with the name of your club to:

Dan McLennan
AFMS Secretary
P.O. Box 26523
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0523

AFMS Has New Editor!

By Bill Luke, [Past] Editor

Great News this month!� Carolyn Weinberger has accepted the position of Editor of the AFMS Newsletter.� We all know she will do a good job and wish her well.� Please help her in every way you can.

Carolyn Weinberger
P.O. Box 302
Glyndon, MD� 21071-0302
E-mail: cweinber@bcpl.net

Please note -- Carolyn has requested that the deadline be changed to the first of the month.� That is, inputs for the December issue are due to the Editor by the first of November.� This will allow her time to get the Newsletter to you before the first of the month of issue.� I was not very successful in accomplishing that goal.� The response to my request for data on delivery dates showed that there is a couple of weeks difference in when people receive their newsletters, and this past couple of months, I have not gotten it out in time for the earliest of them to be before the first of the month.

I will take this opportunity to thank all of the club editors who have included me on their mailing list; and to ask that they update those lists to send their bulletins to Carolyn.� Also, a request for all club members and officers: please include enough in your budget for mailing copies of your bulletin to all of the Federation officers that you can.� The Federation is the clubs, so in this way, you can inform the officers of the activities, problems, etc. from across the federation.� The Presidents and First Vice-Presidents of each Regional Federation are the Directors of the AFMS, so they should all be included, if possible.� It is very helpful to be informed of rockhound activities all across this great land of ours.

This is the time of year when the Officers of clubs and federations change.� Please send the updated information to Dan Lingelbach for the AFMS records.� Please inform Dan McLennan of the three in your club who are to get the AFMS Newsletter! It is your duty and responsibility to see that the appropriate people get the Newsletter.

As 2nd Vice-President of the NFMS, I would appreciate receiving all of the Regional Federation Newsletters and any club bulletins.� I may not have had the time to read every bulletin that I have received this past year, but I have scanned them for the "important stuff" and to get a feeling for some of the activities going on.


from SCRIBE Newsletter
Howard Binkley
, Editor

If you are planning on attending the annual "Quartzsite Happening"� or the "Tucson Experience", then plan to take time to attend the editors "thing!".� You won't regret it� Editors are invited to bring copies of their bulletin, original articles, poetry, or puzzles; and write-ups of information or ideas helpful to club editors (50 copies of each item, please) to share with one another.

������������� S. C. R. I. B. E.

The international organization of bulletin editors of amateur gem, mineral and earth science societies, invites all editors to share ideas, techniques, successes, problems, and concerns with your fellow bulletin editors at its annual workshop and symposium in Quartzsite, Arizona on Saturday, January 29, 2000.� The doings begin at 8:30 a.m. Mountain Time at the Senior Citizen's Center, Moon Mountain Road.

New editors are especially invited to attend to learn more about S. C. R. I. B. E. and to meet other club and federation editors.� "Retired" editors are also urged to attend to share their experiences with the other editors.

A $2 registration fee per person, payable at the door, will be used to cover expenses.� Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. (Mountain Standard Time).� The symposium generally ends shortly after noon.

For additional information regarding this event, please send e-mail to:
Jo Anna Richey; SCRIBE Secretary at:
<jritchey0l@aol.com> or write her at:
224 Oaks Ave; Monrovia, CA 91016-2115.

Each Club � Each Year � One Rockhound
By Bonnie Glismann, Chair
Federation: California
Club: The Islander's Gem and Mineral Society
Nominee: Edward A. Birch
Nominated by: John Peck, Club Editor

The Islanders Gem and Mineral Society Proudly presents Mr. Edward A. Birch as our candidate for the AFMS "EACH-CLUB-EACH YEAR-ONE ROCKHOUND'"

Edward has gone to the local San Diego Beaches with the knowledge from our clubs and has learned how to successfully select the rough jadeite that has the largest metallic inclusions, and has cabbed a large number.  He brought them to our board of directors and the Islanders General meeting for "Show and Tell". We made him "Jadeite Polishing Chairman."� He and the Islanders club members have successfully extracted and electroplated both Gold and Platinum out of the massive jadeite . Edward Birch supplied large chunks of highly polished gold and platinum cabs that brilliantly showed the polished metals in them. Edward Birch cabbed and brought about 300 polished jadeite cabs to our council sponsored islanders "Imperial Beach" field trip and displayed them to over 30 rockhounds and visitors on the beach. Edward Birch has been nominated as our Lapidary Director for the year 2000.

Federation: Northwest
Club: Golden Spike Gem and Mineral Society, Ogden, Utah
Nominees: Liz and Ivan Rudd
Nominated by: June Cavalli, Chairperson

Ivan and liz Rudd are outstanding rockhounds of the Golden Spike Gem and Mineral Society of Ogden, Utah. Since l958 they have served as officers, heads of committees, show chairpersons, teachers in our club shops and organizers of many club activities. They chaired the very successful l977 AFMS National Show. Ivan served as President of the NFMS and head of the Endowment Fund. They were leaders in the building of the Ogden Union Station Natural History Museum and serve as the President & Treasurer.

Greater Cincinnati Lapidary and Faceting Society, Cincinnati, Ohio

Greater Cincinnati Lapidary and Faceting Society presents our 1999 choice for Each Club- Each Year -One Rockhound. They are Jim and Judy Budnik, our club editors. The came to our club in 1996. As soon as they became members they were getting their hands into the process of helping the club. They became Editors in 1997 and have won awards for the newsletter in the MWF (1998 & 1999) and AFMS (1999). Jim is now our secretary, Judy is a board member, state delegate and sets up our programs as well as keeping up the newsletter. They help out at the meetings giving programs at times. You will find them at the club show working for start to end. If there is a demonstration needed just call and they will be there. Both write articles if needed for the newsletter. Both have won awards in the MWF for articles they wrote. Judy wrote instruction books for our classes and both help out form time to time with classes.

The Mt. Baker Rock and Gem Club, Bellingham, WA presents LEONARD JONES, posthumously. Leonard was the one to instigate the lapidary classes for our club in l982 and was an instructor of both the silversmithing and� lapidary classes. He worked for the club in many capacities throughout the 20 plus years as a member of the club. He died October 10th after a short illness.

By Mel Albright, AFMS Safety Chairman

How much time saved on a trip is worth your life?� Or the life of a member of your family?� One second?� Two?� A minute?� Five minutes?� An hour? Any amount of time?

I'll bet that almost every person would answer that there was no time saving worth risking a life.� And, I'll bet that well over half of you have done so in the last month.

You want to turn right from a store lot.� There's lots of traffic.� You get more and more impatient.� Finally you see a little space and "vroom vroom screech" you shoot into the driving lane.� One and 1/2 seconds later, an oncoming car passes the store lot exit where you were.� Behind that car there is no traffic for several blocks.� Congratulations, you just saved one and 1/2 seconds -and bet your life that nothing would go wrong - your car might stall, the oncoming car was going faster than you thought, another driver turns left from across the street, someone changes lanes - strange unplanned things happen, So, are those 1 and 1/2 seconds worth a life - yours?

How about a left turn from a shopping lot or a side street?� Have you ever zoomed through a small hole in traffic - again risking your life?� In these situations, you'll save 5 to 10 seconds.� Is your life worth that saving?

It is rush hour.� You are driving down a four-lane city street.� The car ahead slows for a turn.� You immediately change lanes to go around them.� Oops - that car was in my blind spot.� But he doesn't need to honk like that.� I was just saving a little time - 15 to 30 seconds.

It is rush hour.� Traffic on the freeway (or highway) is heavy.� And some of those idiots are driving only at the speed limit.� First you tailgate the idiot to show that you're in a hurry and they should get out of the way.� When that doesn't work, you change lanes and accelerate around them.� You continue driving like this all through your commute - left-right-left-right-left-right.� In a small city, you have saved 3 minutes when you get home.� In a major city, you have saved 10 or 15 minutes.�

You have bet your life and risked an accident 8 times during that drive.� You bet your life to save a few minutes.� Was that a good swap?

Trip time.� You're going across country.� The freeway speed limits are 60 near cities and 70 in the country.� But, you have a long ways to go.� Seventy in town and 80 or 85 in the country will get your trip over sooner. (If nothing goes wrong.) On a 400-mile trip you'll save an hour at 85 instead of 70 - unless you get stuck behind slower traffic occasionally.�� You'll have 11 close calls while dodging and weaving through traffic.� Uh - how good are your tires?� Is the hour saved worth your life - or your family's?

The car-pool mom does all the above, too.� Often they go to excess because they always feel rushed and pressed for time. These days, the whole world seems impatient.� We all want instant satisfaction.� We're always pressing to make what we're doing go faster.

Perhaps it is time that we put some brainwork into what we are doing and not bet our own and our family's lives to save a little time.� NO amount of time saved is worth it!

Bob and Kathy Miller, AFMS Juniors Program Chairmen

We have been very busy since the AFMS show/convention this past summer in Nashville, TN.� The accumulation of paper is ever growing in preparation for next year in Moab, UT, 2000.� Of course we know the Juniors booth is only a part of the Juniors Program committee, but yet it is an important part.� This is a great way to reach out to young people in getting them interested in our hobby.

Once again we have to ask a favor of all AFMS clubs and their members.� All juniors from 2 to 92 enjoy the actual rock, fossil or mineral that is given away free at the Juniors booth.� BUT those supplies are low.� Please take some time from now until the AFMS show next October and see what you can donate for furthering our hobby through junior rockhounds.  They love EVERYTHING, we even include giving to teachers, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.� It all ends up in a young rockhound's hands.� If you or someone you know is going to attend the AFMS show in Moab, UT., please bring or send your donation along.

We have seen many good ideas that local clubs have for juniors at their annual shows.� One of the best (which was also free) that we have seen, are egg cartons filled with different specimens and labels for each specimen as a starter kit.� They could either pick their own specimen to start their collection or pick up a ready made carton.� We know more than one club does this and the youngsters are delighted, especially when it is free.

The Future Rockhounds of America now consists of seven clubs and one individual member across the United States.� We are inviting all clubs to get their juniors to participate in this program.� Just contact your Regional Federation Junior Chairman and they will get you started.� Soon we hope to establish the F.R.A. names and addresses on the AFMS Website along with any e-mail addresses that they may have.


MIDWEST -� �(Chairmen)

Bob and Kathy Miller
1106 Clayton Drive
South Bend, IN 46614
(219)291-0332 E-Mail KanBrock@aol.com


Jim Brace-Thompson
7319 Eisenhower Street
Ventura, CA 93003


Mabel Kingdon-Gross
R.R. 1, Box 7405
Solon, NM 0479-9419


Sue Holland
Box 23
Tendoy,ID 83468-0023
(208)756-2394 E-Mail holland4@dnii.net


Howell Whiting
22300 So. Union
Roswell, NM 88201


Vicki Thornton
11927 Bush Mills Road
Dallas, Texas 75243-5118
(972)889-0967 E-Mail trillion44@aol.com


Rena & George Everett
69 Jeff Street
Oxford, MS 38655

American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Bulletin Editors Awards


Nashville, Tennessee, July 11, 1999



AFMS Chair- Kitty Starbuck, Vicksburg, MI
Barbara Fenstermacher EFMLS
Judy Budnik MWF
Pauline Price RMFMS
Jean Wallace SCFMS
Leo Morris SFMS
Darlene Denton NFMS
Rosemarie Young CFMS


June Zeitner Rapid City, SD
Russ Kemp Plainfield, IL
Joyce Hanschu Canton, MI
Diane Dare Holiday, FL
Joy Bourne Towanda, PA
Joan Abramson Vista, CA
Jan Baumeister Rapid City, SD
Paul Good Stephenville, TX
Shirley Leeson CFMS

(Concluded, from last month)


1. "Belemnite Before Christmas", Carl Mehling, Author, EFMLS
New York Paleontological Society, New York, NY

2. "Wyoming Cycad", Tom Noe, Author, MFMGS
THE ROCKFINDER, Michiana Gem & Mineral Society, South Bend, IN

3. "Fragments", Catherine D. Smith, Author, EFMLS
CRACK-N-CAB, Gem & Mineral Society of Syracuse, Syracuse, NY

4. "Ode To An Opalholic", Dolores Rose, Author, MFMGS
G.I. NUGGET, Grand Island Earth Science Society, Grand Island, NE

5. "Labradorite", Alberta Hare, Author, CFMS
TUMBLER, Marin Mineral Society, San Rafael, CA

6. "Collecting", Colleen Hayes, Author, SCFMS
ROCK N ROSE, East Texas Gem & Mineral Society, Tyler, TX

7. "Facet Talk", Dee Clason, Author, CFMS
THE PSEUDOMORPH, Kern County Mineral Society, Bakersfield, CA

8. "October Field Trip", Margaret Norton, Author, CFMS
BRECCIA, Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society, San Jose, CA

9. "A Special Rock", Ruby Lingelbach, Author, RMFMS
THE ROCKHOUND GAZETTE, Stillwater Min & Gem Society, Stillwater, OK

10. "The Gift", Judith Washburn, Author, MFMGS
THE LOESS BULLETIN, Lincoln Orbit Earth Science Club, Springfield, IL


1. "The Rockhound's Michigan", Walt Vogtmann, Author, MFMGS
THE ROCKPILE, Midwest Min. & Lapidary Society of Dearborn, Dearborn, MI

2. "An Introduction To Minerals", Vivian Gornitz, Author, EFMLS

3. "Field Trip Guide- Dixon-Marquette Quarry" John Washburn, Author, MFMGS
THE LOESS BULLETIN, Lincoln Orbit Earth Science Club, Springfield, IL

4. "26th Atlantic Micromounter's Conference", Jack Nelson, Author, EFMLS

5. "1998 New York Gem & Mineral Show", Mitchell Portnoy, Author, EFMLS

6. "Moon, Rock & Meteorite Extraterrestial Extravaganza", Judith Washburn, Author, MFMGS
THE LOESS BULLETIN, Lincoln Orbit Earth Science Club,


OUTCROPPINGS, Kay Benham, Editor, SFMS
Pinellas Geological Society, Largo, FL

ROCKHOUNDER, Jay Valle, Editor, CFMS
Whittier Gem & Mineral Club, Whittier, CA

ROCK CHIPS, Bob Jones, Editor, RMFMS
Deming Gem & Mineral Society, Deming, NM

ROCKHOUND SPECIAL, Gary & Karen Hinderman, Editors, NFMS
Mt. Baker Rock & Gem Club, Bellingham, WA

FOSSILPHILE, Michael Nathal, Editor, MFMGS
North Coast Fossil Club, Cleveland, OH

SPRINGFIELD THUNDER EGG, Carma Schumann-Smith, Editor, NFMS
Springfield Thunder Egg Rock Club, Springfield, OR


HIGH COUNTRY GLEANINGS, Margaret L. Johnson, Editor, SFMS
Henderson County Gem & Mineral Society, Hendersonville, NC

G. I. NUGGET, Dolores Rose, Editor, MFMGS
Grand Island Earth Science Society, Grand Island, NE

Pine Country Gem & Mineral Society, Jasper, TX

NEWS AND VIEWS, Pauline Price, Editor, RMFMS
Wasatch Gem Society, Salt Lake City, UT

Searchers Gem & Mineral Society, Anaheim, CA

THE VUG EXAMINER, Reivan Zeleznik, Editor, EFMLS
Stamford Mineralogical Society, Stamford, CT

THE POST ROCK, Sara Murphy, Editor, RMFMS
McPherson Gem & Mineral Society, McPherson, KS

Michiana Gem & Mineral Society, South Bend, IN

THE ROCKHOUND, Jeff Ursillo, Editor, EFMLS
Gem & Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches, West Palm Beach, FL

THE ROCKATIER, Beverly Moreau, Editor, CFMS
NGRC Gem & Mineral Club, Hawthorne, CA

Chaparral Rockhounds, Roswell, NM

THE DOPSTICK, Mary Bateman, Editor, EFMLS
Gem, Lapidary & Mineral Society of Washington, DC

THE CLACKAMETTE GEM, Nancy Burkhow, Editor, NFMS
Clackamette Mineral & Gem Club, Oregon City, OR

GRINDINGS, Twila Gallaher, Editor, NFMS
Idaho Gem Club, Inc., Boise, ID

HOUND'S HOWL, Barbara Fenstermacher, Editor, SFMS
Aiken Gem & Mineral Society, Aiken, SC


BRECCIA, Patricia Speece, Editor, CFMS
Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society, San Jose, CA

THE KYANA GEM SCOOP, Cyndy Terrell, Editor, SFMS
Kyana Geological Society, Louisville, KY

THE PICKING TABLE, Richard Bostwick & Tema Hecht, Editors, EFMLS
Franklin-Ogdensburg,� Franklin, NJ


"Add A Bit of Salt To Our Collection", Marvin Lundquist, Author, RMFMS
THE POST ROCK, McPherson Gem & Mineral Society, McPherson, KS

"Hot Rocks", Doug Moore, Author, THE ROCKHOUND NEWS, MFMGS
Heart of Wisconsin Gem & Mineral Society, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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"More On The Rays Of Big Brook", Roberta Dann & Sylvia Seda, EFMLS
Pucci, Authors, NJPS PALEONTOGRAPH, Rutherford, NJ

"Topaz Mountain", Terry Vasseur, Author, THE ROCKATIER, CFMS
NGRC Gem & Mineral Club, Hawthorne, CA

"More About Polishing", Okley Davis, Author, SCFMS
THE ROCK RATTLER, Ark-La-Tex Gem & Mineral Society, Shreveport, LA

"Bauxite", John Dickson, Author, ROCKET CITY ROCKS & GEMS, SFMS
Huntsville Gem & Mineral Society, Huntsville, AL

"Learning To Use It Or Lose It", Dick Rantz, Author, NFMS
ROCKHOUND SPECIAL, Mt.� Baker Rock & Gem Club, Bellingham, WA

"A Hunting We Will Go", Mary Jane Boutwell, Author, SFMS
ROCKY ECHOES, Mississippi Gem & Mineral Society, Longview, MS

"Nellie's Story", Doris Cullom, Author, CARNY HOUND, NFMS
�Southern Washington Mineralogical Society, Longview, WA

"Snowbird Mine Field Trip", Ruel Janson, Author, NFMS
HELLGATE BREEZES, Hellgate Ntineral Society, Missoula, MT


"Geology Corner: Ask A Geologist, "Where Do Minerals Come From?",� CFMS
Marc Mullaney, Author, BRECCIA,
Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society, San Jose, CA

"Red Gold & Tarnished Silver Country: The AFMS Show Trips", RMFMS
Ruby Lingelbach, Author, THE ROCKHOUND GAZETTE,
Stillwater Mineral & Gem Society, Stillwater, OK

"RMS/GSA Field Trip",  RMFMS
Bob Horning, Author, OBSIDIAN OBSERVER,
Los Alamos Geological Society, Los Alamos, NM

"For Your Information: The Liehr Farm: The History and Geology",�MFMGS
John Washburn, Author, LOESS BULLETIN,
Lincoln Orbit Earth Science Club, Springfield, IL

"Smithsonite - What A Beautiful Mineral", RMFMS
Marge Garn, Author, OBSIDIAN OBSERVER,
Los Alamos Geological Society, Los Alamos, NM


"Picking Sunstones", Judith Brueske-Plimmer, Author, SCFMS
NO STONE UNTURNED, Texas Big Bend Gem & Mineral Society, Alpine, TX

"Home Alone", Janet Weston, Author, ROCK BUSTERS NEWS, EFMLS
Central Pennsylvania Rock & Mineral Club, Harrisburg, PA

"A Mouse In The House", Pauline Price, Author, NEWS & VIEWS, RMFMS
Wasatch Gem Society, Salt Lake City, UT

"This Long Hot Summer", Margaret Good, Author, SCFMS
CROSS TIMBERS TALK, Cross Timbers Gem & Min Society, Stephenville, TX

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OCTOBER 12 - 15, 2000
Paris, New York, Tokyo, London, Moab

October 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2000

Host Club: ����������� Points and Pebbles Club,
                               June Cleveland, President

Show Chairman:�� Dean Richardson
Co-Chairmen: ������Paul & Bernice Asman
Show Treasurer:�� Bernice Asman

We welcome you to Utah and especially the Moab area of Utah.� We think you will enjoy your time with us.

Although the Show dates are the 12th through the 15th, you may want to "come early and stay late".� There will be no Field Trips planned during the show.� But activities will be starting possibly as soon as Sunday the 8th of October.

When the packets are sent out you will see there are many activities both during the day and evening.

Moab is a popular area to visit.� Because it is so popular you should get your reservations in as early as possible.� Spaces are limited.

We are including in this announcement a list of motels and campgrounds available in the area.� If you have questions, please let us know.

See you all in Moab!

Host Club President
June Cleveland
268 Walnut Lane # 62
Moab, UT 84532
Phone: (435) 259-6903

Show Chairman
Dean Richardson
1223 North 1500 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Phone: (801) 595-6750

Paul & Bernice Asman
1160 LaSal Ave.
Moab, UT 84532
Phone: (435) 259-3304

Show Treasurer
Bernice Asman
1160 LaSal Ave.
Moab, UT 84532
Phone: (435) 259-3304


127 Rooms - If 100 rooms are booked a flat rate of $68.00 plus tax.� 2 comp. rooms.� If 100 are booked-continental breakfast.� Large meeting room.� Cafe next door will cater all meals for meetings.
Phone (435) 259-4332

58 rooms-550 So.� Main
$59.95 plus tax
Phone (435) 259-6171

50 rooms-535 So. Main
Queens or two doubles- $59.95 plus tax
Phone (435) 259-3500

40 rooms --- 169 No. Main
Single $65.00 plus tax, Double $70.00 plus tax, Twin $75.00 plus tax, Triple $79.00 plus tax, Quad $83.00 plus tax.
Phone (435) 259-7132

77 rooms--- 16 So. Main
Single $99.00 plus tax, Twin $99.00 plus tax, Triple $105.00 plus tax, Quad $111.00 plus tax.
Phone (435) 259-6151

61 rooms --- 1051 So. Main
1 person $69.00 plus tax, 2 person $75.00 plus tax, 3 person $81.00 plus tax, 4 person $87.00 plus tax.
Phone (435) 259-4655

37 rooms- 20 with kitchens, 17 without --- 70 East 200 South��� 2 per 2 bed $62.90 plus tax
Phone (435) 259-5468

97 rooms --- 1551 No. Highway 191
Rooms $69.95 plus tax- cont. breakfast
Meeting room for up to 100 people-catering service
Phone (435) 259-2599


4 miles South of Moab,� 2980 So. Highway 191
Based on 2 people, W,E,S,C-$22.00 plus tax= $24.04
W.E.S.C-with Good Sam discount AAA $19.80 plus tax= $21.63�� Extra people $3.00 each.
Phone 1-800-787-2751

3225 So. Highway 191
Tent $19.50�� Water & Elect. $24.50��
Full hookup $26.00��
Cabins, 1 room $38.00, 2 room $45.00
Phone (435) 259-6682

O.K. RV PARK & Canyonlands Stables
3310 Spanish Valley Drive, (next door to Spanish Trail Arena, near Moab Golf Course)
$15.00 Per Site Per Day
Phone (435) 259-1400

1900 So. Highway 191��� Tent site $14.00,
RV Space- Full Hookup $20.00- PW & Wtr $18.00� Over 2 people $3.00 Each extra
Most are Pull-throughs.
Toll free: 888-599-MOAB (6622)

1301-1/2 No. Highway 191
Full hookup $22.89, Water & Elect. $20.71,
Cabins $29.43, No hookups $17.41, Tents $17.41
(Tax included on these prices)

1520 Murphy Lane #10
Full Hookups $16.50, Elect & Water $14.50,
Tent site $10.00, Group Rates $3.00 per person.�
Phone (435) 259-2982

1261 No. Highway 191
Tent site $15.00;�
RV Campsite: Water & 30 amp Elect. $19.00;�
Water 30 amp Elect, sewer, cable $22.00;
RV Campsite: Water, 50 amp� Sewer, cable $24.00; Std. Camp Cabin air/heat $31.95;
Deluxe Camp Cabin air/heat amenities $38.95
(Bring your own sleeping bags for these)
Group Site large shelter $5.00 each.� Rates are plus tax and based on 2 people (except group sites) extra adults $3.00, $2.00 children 5-16.
Phone (435) 259-6108

1773 No. Highway 191
Full Hookup $20.00 to $22.00 -68 spaces;
Water & Elect. $19.00 -23 spaces;� Cabins $35.00.
Phone (435) 259-4469


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