Silver Work Programs


DVD20, SILVER IN NO TIME – 51 mins By Linda Bernstien   Intermediate level precious metal clay projects includes beads, Rings, bails, clasps.

DVD46.  BEGINNING JEWELRY WORKSHOP.  Cold Connection Brooch and Braided Bezel Earrings.  Printed tutorial and a disc to file away so you can use to make additional copies.

DVD47.  INTERMEDIATE JEWELRY WORKSHOP - 40 min.  Metal bead bracelet and twisted square wire rings project.  Includes tutorial disc.

DVD55.  CINDY'S CUTTLEBONE CASTING.  Carve your own mold in cuttlebone and pour in molten silver to make one of a kind items.

VHS20.  THE COMPLETE METALSMITH  --  70 minutes by Tim McCreight  (1989)  Rated: Long but Excellent   A thorough explanation of basic jewelry making techniques.  Surface techniques, joining, shaping, forming, etc.  Several pieces of jewelry are completed as part of the demo.  Best for individuals or a study group

VHS126.  EXPLORING ART CLAY - 55 min.  Using metallic clay to shape jewelry instead of traditional casting.