Paleontology Programs


CD1  HYDE PARK MASTODON RECOVERY  What would you do if you found a mastodon in your back yard?  How a mastondon was recovered from a pool and then preserved by the Paleotological Research Institue in New York.

CD4  TREE STORIES  Petrified wood (and other plant) specimens can tell stories - in addition to the species and structures of ancient plants; you can see evidence of conditions when they were alive; stress features, insect damage, etc.

DVD33  DANVILLE'S FOSSIL FOREST - 60 min.  Description of large area of fossils discovered in Illinois coal mines.

DVD38-42  DINOSAUR COLLECTION from National Geographic Series.  38-Sea Monsters; 39-Dinosaurs Decoded; 40-T-Rex Walks Again; 41-Bizarre Dinosaurs; 42-Dino Autopsy


DVD62  MAZON CREEK FAUNA  Mazon Creek is an area south west of Chicago where well preservved fossils are preserved in nodules.

VHS3  THE SEARCH FOR THUNDER LIZARDS - 28 min.  Modern salvage archaeology techniques, masses of information are gathered and careful analysis gives a good overview of the native cultures.  Best for intermediate to advanced audiences.

VHS7  PERUVIAN FOSSIL WHALE & MORE - 15 min. Three segments:  recovering, preparing and mounting a whale from Peru; a dinosaur from South Dakota; behind the scenes at the Black Hills Institute - known for expert preparation of large fossils.

VHS12  STAKLKING DINOSAURS - 27 min.  See how high-tech equipment is used to help in the search for and study of dinosaur bones and other fossils.

VHS22  LOST WORLDS, VANISHED LIVES  4 segments.  Magic in the Rocks; Putting Flesh on Bone; Dinosaurs; and The Rare Glimpses

VHS25.  BURGESS SHALE: IMPRESSIONS OF LIFE (Canada) - 45 min    Canadian Broadcasting Co.  Rated: Very Good to Excellent   Modern technology reveals the structure, relationships and life styles of  the animals preserved in the Burgess Shale of British Columbia.  Easy  to understand but thought provoking analysis is included.

VHS34  MAMMOTHS OF THE ICE AGE - 55 min.  See how study evidence found in recent years has revealed much about mammoths and how many humans depended on them.

VHS35  BURIED IN ASH (fossils) - 55 min.  Rhinos and camels in Nebraska?  Yes, 13 million years ago the plains were a savanna.  More than 200 species preserved in volcanic ash are being uncovered at the Ash Fall State Historical Park in Northeast Nebraska.

VHS42  THE FIRE BELOW US - MT. ST. HELENS, WA - 68 min.  An excellent account of the events and immediate effects of the sudden explosion of the slumbering volcano on May 18, 1980.

VHS43  DINOSAUR - 57 min.  An expedition to Mongolia to search for Oviraptor remains finds evidence that shattered long held beliefs about this dinosaur's behavior and added to recent paleontological discoveries.

VHS45  TRAPPING TIME - ICE AGE DISCOVERIES - 34 min.  Megenity Cave became a death trap for Ice Age animals.  Paleontologists recovered peccary and other remains buried in the cave floor.  See conditios within the cave and specimens that were recovered.

VHS59  DINOSAURS OF THE GOBI (China) - 60 min.  An expedition into the dinosaur graveyards of China's Gobi Desert with the goal of finding why mammals diversified and dinosaurs died out.

VHS62  T-REX THE REAL WORLD - 35 min.  See actual sites where five T-Rex skeletons were excavated since 1990.  Scientists take you from the dusty prairie into their laboratories as they uncover ancient bones and reveal evidence hidden with them.

VHS68  ON THE TRAIL OF THE THICK-SKULLED DINOSAUR - 60 min.  Video of a live presentation - How do scientists know what dinosaurs looked like, where do they look for them?  How being a "detective" can help locate "new" species and describe them.

VHS109  RECOVERY OF THE HYDE PARK MASTODON - 20 min.  What would you do if you found a mastodon in your back yard?  How one mastodon was recovered from a pond and is being preserved by the Paleontological Research Institute of New York.

VHS110  TREE STORIES - 25 min.  Petrified wood and other plant specimens can tell stories-in addition to the species and structures of ancient plans; you can see evidence of conditions when they were alive; stress features, insect damage, etc.

VHS114.  MYSTERY IN THE ANDES  --  50 minutes from the New Explorer Series  (gift from AFMS)  Rated Good to VGood  Why are older fossils are found in layers on top of younger specimens, in the Chilean Andes; how are gaps in the fossil record filled in and what can mammal teeth reveal about the ecosystem?

VHS120  MONSTERS ON THE MOVE - 30 min.  Study of dinosaur pathways.

VHS127  AMBER HUNTERS - 4.5 min.  Good presentation for youngsters

VHS128  DINO DOCTORS - 30 min.  Non-invasive medical scans not only reveal anatomy, but also help scientists learn about the genesis of diseases common to dinosaurs and humans.

V129   TREASURE ISLAND  VHS - 30 minutes from “PaleoWorld” series   (gift from AFMS)   Madagascar has always been inhabited by extraordinary and weird creatures. Scientists try to resolve mysteries of natural history this island

VHS131  LEGENDARY T-REX - 30 min.  Was this the perfect predator - or a lowly scavenger?  The answer isn't conclusive, but more clues are revealed as intimate details are revealed.

VHS132  MAMMOTHS - 30 min.  A North Dakota site reveals clues about the lives and extinction of these creatures that roamed parts of North America, as recently as 11,000 years ago.