Mining & Mineral Product Programs


IV 1.  America's Buried Treasure: Our Mining Heritage - 20 min. Adults    Leadville, CO; history & current mining, uses of lead & more…

IV 2. Common Ground: Modern Mining & You -3 segments TRT: 27 min   (first segment best for Juniors others for older viewers)

IV 3.  Modern Mining in South Dakota - 11 minutes  Adults  Not so obvious ways gold is used in modern life

IV 5.  Stay Out & Stay Alive - 11 minutes   Adults   Reminder of the dangers associated with abandoned mines

IV 6.  All That Glitters  - 17 minutes  Adults  One way that gold ore is processed to free precious metals

IV 7.  Greening of Planet Earth - 28 minutes  Adults  One view of the 'green house effect' ands its effects

IV 8.  Mining: Discoveries for Progress - 10 minutes  Adults  Ways in which mining has changed in recent years

 IV 9.  Out of the Rock  - 29 minutes  Adults  How modern life depends on minerals - which are finite resources

IV 10. Lead in Motion - 21 minutes   Adults  The multitude of uses for lead

IV13. Where Steel Begins  15 min. Adults  Mining iron ore

IV 14. Inside Garfield -- 10 minutes    Adults  How precious metal scrap is refined for reuse.

IV  16. The Stone Whistle -- 29 minutes“all ages”  In story form - how granite is quarried and monuments are made

VHS32.  FROM ORE TO FINISHED PRODUCT - 50 min.  A 1940s "company" movie shows historic copper mining, then modern smelting and production of copper tubing in Michigan's U.P.