Junior & Novice Programs



DVD29.  VIRGIN VALLEY OPALS - 4 min.  Junior rockhound's presentation of a family collecting trip.  Brief, but informative for adults who have never been there.

IV 2. Common Ground: Modern Mining & You -3 segments TRT: 27 min   (first segment best for Juniors others for older viewers)

IV 4.  A Deadly Playground - 9 minutes  Juniors  Dangers of playing near abandoned quarries

VHS14.  THE EARTH HAS A HISTORY (geology) --  20 minutes  by Geological Society of America   (1989)   Rated: Good to V Good   Natural landforms in the colorful Flatirons area near Boulder, Colorado illustrate the basic principles of geology in an easy to understand manner.  Suitable for junior high to adults.  

VHS26.  I DIG FOSSILS - A Real Life Adventure… --  21 minutes by Mazon Productions  Rated: Very Good to Excellent  Go along on a field trip to Mazon Creek for 300 million-year-old fossils.  Review of how fossils are formed, tips to collect them and what to do when you get them home are included.

VHS36.  WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO DINOSAURS  -- 31 minutes  a Golden Book Video by Western Publishing   Rated:  Very Good   Cleaning up a scientist’s messy study, four youngsters discover some  new facts about dinosaurs. Noted scientists, Robt. Bakker, James Garvin, Erle Kaufman and Mark Norell make feature appearances.

VHS57.  WOMEN WHO WALK THROUGH TIME - 30 min. produced by KQED (PBS)  Rated: Very Good  Three young scientists take viewers along to see the different ways they investigate the earth to learn its secrets.  Suggestions of howto prepare for a career in science are included.

VHS58.  CAREERS FOR GEOSCIENTISTS --  20 minutes  From American Geological Institute   Rated: Very Good  A number of geologists show their day-to-day activities to illustrate the wide variety of interests and opportunities in the field of Earth Science.

VHS106.  THREE VIDEOS FOR JUNIORS – “3 for 1” All are suitable for “juniors” of all ages. (in one package)  ROCK MAN -  4 minutes “All about” rocks…. PET ROCK VIDEO  -  3 minutes   A groovy rock rap video!  IT COMES FROM A MINE   - 13  minutes   A little old miner shows what is made from minerals “under our feet”. 

VHS107.  MINING IN MUSIC - 15 min.  Mining metals to make musical instruments.

VHS108.  “ROCKMAN . . .  “   (Music Video) about 15 minutes   National Stone, Sand & Gravel Assoc. (produced for “Juniors”)   Tap your toes and sing along to “YMCA” tune as you learn about how aggregates are mined, equipment used, careers, mine site reclamation and other aggregate products and services.

VHS112.  MINERALS, GEMS, & ORES - 25 minutes  Prod. by Schlessinger Media   (gift from AFMS)  Rated: Very Good

VHS117.  DIG THAT REX (T-Rex) - 10  minutes From Field Museum   (produced for “Juniors” - good for any novice)   An entertaining description of how fossils are buried and retrieved by scientists and how the Field Museum is studying and preserving the largest, best preserved T-Tex ever found.

 VHS125.  AMBER & FOSSILS - 4 1/2 min.  Good presentation for youngsters.