Jewelry Programs


DVD15, CUSTOM WIRE WRAP JEWELRY – 127 mins By Alice Turner Rings, bracelet, pendants, earrings, chain

DVD48.  BEADING WITH GEMSTONES - 2+ hrs.  How to make a beaded "setting" for a cabochon and other items.  Not for use at regular Club meetings.  Very good for beading group or individual use.

VHS19.  BEAD STRINGING -- 36 minutes by Rio Grande – Albuquerque  (1989)  Rated: V Good to Excellent   A professionally prepared demonstration that covers the basics including all tools and materials.  Knotting is included.

VHS29.  WIRE WRAP: An Introduction  -- 35 minutes by Alice Turner (1994) Rated: Very Good Step-by-step how to make a basic “wire wrap” setting for a cabochon (designing through construction); tools, materials and helpful tips

VHS38.  CUSTOM WIRE WRAP JEWELRY - Part One  -- 75 minutes by Alice Turner (1997)   Rated: Excellent   Basic tools and techniques to make an adjustable ring, bracelet, cabochon pendant, cabochon ring and earrings.  Best for individual or study groups.  For general Club audience, show portions as an intro.

VHS39.  CUSTOM WIRE WRAP JEWELRY - Part Two -- 53 min by Alice  Turner(1998)  Rated: Excellent   This tape shows a stacked prong pendant, a chain, butterfly, “Basil’s ring” and the simple bead ring.  Because of its length, this  is best used for individual or study group use.