Programs That Don't Really
Fit Any Other List


DVD8.  ANTARTICA, FROZEN LAB - 25 minutes Purchased w/ AFMS Funds

DVD19.  OUR ROOTS IN ROCKS - 51 min.  "Black Giant", Geology & history of E. Texas oil; "Reef Madness" Exploring Permian reef in W Texas & SE New Mexico includes Carlsbad Cavern, "Delta Blues", Mississippi Delta sediments shape region & effect lives dependent on delta bounty.

DVD26.  WORLD OF AGATES - Ribbon cutting, tribute to June Culp Zeitner, agate exhibits from around the world.

DVD31. GEOSCIENCE CAREERS  There are many different opportunities in the geological sciences.

DVD37.  MODERN EARTH SCIENCES - 50 min.  2 Part descripton of the modern earth sciences.

VHS28.  COLLECTING EARTH'S NATURAL TREASURES   --  60 min by Creative Vision Production Co.   Rated: VGood to Excellent  Introduction to the Earth Science / Rockhound hobby.  See collections (incl. Smithsonian), go along on a field trip; see the basic lapidary processes and hear the enthusiasm of those who enjoy this hobby.

VHS69.  ERRATIC ROCKS AND CREAM CITY BRICKS - 62 min.  Univ. of Wisc./Milwaukee (AFMS gift) Video of Life Presentation.  Geology is "brought to life" by studying history "under our feet".  Its a journey in time, explaning the formation of deposits we live on, prehistoric ecology, etc.

VHS115.  SEARCHING FOR THE ORIGINS OF LIFE  -  50 minutes  from the New Explorer Series  (gift from AFMS)   Rated: Excellent  Explore seemingly inhospitable locations in Yellowstone Park with  leading scientists as they collect clues about how and where life began on Earth.  Also examines possibilities of life on Mars and other places.

VHS122.  "Rockhounds: The Movie"  --  55 minutes  produced by D. Dennie and T. Kent (2006) An intro to some aspects of the Earth Science hobby - collecting rocks, minerals and fossils.  There are distinct segments, so you can choose which to watch depending on time limitations.  Best if “seasoned” rockhounds can comment on each segment and answer questions.   ( DVD format available from the producers)