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Local Club Shows
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Many of the local clubs produce their own shows throughout the year.  This list is a very large and dynamic list.  Therefore the AFMS website is not able at this time to directly provide this information at this time.  The following links are provided to supply show information.

Visit the official Regional Federations web sites for their individual club show listings they provide.

bulletCalifornia Federation of Mineralogical Societies
bulletEastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies
bullet Midwest Federation of Mineralogical and Geological Societies
bullet Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies
bullet Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies
bulletSouth Central Federation of Mineralogical Societies
bullet Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Other non-AFMS sponsored show listings that may be of interest:

bulletRock & Gem Show Calendar
bulletLapidary Journal Show Listing
bulletGem Data Corp - Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show Calendar 2006

The largest gem and mineral show:

bulletColored Stone - Tucson Show Guide

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