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E-mail Discussion Lists

Welcome to the section devoted to allowing rockhounds to interact with other fellow rockhounds.  Although we have had some private lists in the past, we want all rockhounds to be able to enjoy the benefits of using E-mail lists for discussions.  So far we have only created a single list, but we have many others planned.  Keep checking back with us as we grow.  But first, a foreword from our president:

Welcome to the AFMS Discussion Lists. These lists are being provided, and hosted, by the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. I believe that a little history is in order for you to better understand the reason for the existence of these discussion lists.

As part of my program for the 1998-99 fiscal year for the AFMS the establishment of a web site for the AFMS was approved and funded. The site has been established and contains much good information for anyone interested in our wonderful hobby. We will continue to add to the site and look forward to an even better site for your use.

One of the items we are adding is a series of discussion lists such as the one for faceters. We are working on several other lists. It has been suggested that we only need one list for the entire hobby. That may be true but the pure bulk of information makes a single list so unwieldy as to be a terrific burden on the list moderator and on the persons(s) using the list. It has, therefore, been decided to establish, or link to, several lists for faceters, lapidary (other than faceting), silver smiths, gold smiths, webmasters, newsletter editors, etc. Many persons will only make use of a limited number of these lists and will thus not require access to, or be forced to peruse, all of the entries in the lists.

Again, welcome to our first list and we hope to see you back many times again.

Lewis Elrod
AFMS President 1998-99 

As of March 7, 2002, the AFMS Faceters List has been transferred to the USFG Faceters List.  The United States Faceters Guild specializes in faceting, faceting resources, and faceting competitions.  Having the USFG host the faceters list, along with the resources of the USFG should help to excel the world of faceting.  The AFMS is proud to have been instrumental in the creation and growth of this list to almost 900 members worldwide.

NonAFMS Hosted Forum:

bullet United States Faceters Guild Forums A discussion group that shares common interests in faceting.

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