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Past Presidents
A Humble Beginning Past Presidents Presidents 1947-1980 Presidents 1981-Present AFMS Program Competition


AFMS officers were at first selected randomly from Federation to Federation as were Convention sites.  In 1964 the scheme was changed to an orderly progression of host Federations so that all members throughout the country would have an opportunity to attend a convention closer to their home at least once every six, and now seven years.






1947 Formation Meeting   Salt Lake City, UT  
1948 Ben Hur Wilson MWF Denver, CO RMFMS
1949 Dr. Richard Pearl RMFMS Sacramento, CA CFMS
1950 Jack G. Streeter CFMS Milwaukee, WI MWF
1951 Don Major NFMS Tacoma, WA NFMS
1952 Junius J. Hayes RMFMS Canon City, CO RMFMS
1953 Tom Scanlon MWF San Diego, CA CFMS
1954 Dorothy Craig CFMS Salt Lake City, UT RMFMS
1955 J. Lewis Renton NFMS Washington, DC EFMLS
1956 Arthur Flagg RMFMLS St. Paul, MN MWF
1957 Harry Woodruff EFMLS Denver, CO RMFMS
1958 Vincent Morgan CFMS Dallas, TX Texas
1959 Hazen T. Perry MWF Portland, OR NFMS
1960 Helen M. Rice NFMS Eureka, CA CFMS
1961 Henry B. Graves EFMLS Miami, FL EFMLS
1962 Russell H. Trapnell RMFMS Des Moines, IA MWF
1963 William H. DeNeui MWF Oklahoma City, OK RMFMS
1964 Albert J. Keen NFMS San Antonia, TX Texas
1965 Johnnie Short CFMS Yakima, WA NFMS
1966 Elsie Kane White EFMLS Las Vegas, NV CFMS
1967 Bernice Rexin MWF Washington, DC EFMLS
1968 Bob Hagglund NFMS Normal, IL MWF
1969 Calvin Simmons RMFMS Salt Lake, UT RMFMS
1970 Leslie L. Darling CFMS Fort Worth, TX SCFMS
1971 Paul Seel EFMLS Seattle, WA NFMS
1972 Ed Immel SCFMS Anaheim, CA CFMS
1973 Katharine Steinbrenner MWF Charlotte, NC EFMLS
1974 Dorothy Lee NFMS Lincoln, NE MWF
1975 Mary Anderson RMFMS Denver, CO RMFMS
1976 Gus Meister CFMS Austin, TX SCFMS
1977 Kenneth Zahn EFMLS Ogden, UT NFMS
1978 Don Langston SCFMS Pleasanton, CA CFMS
1979 Ellis Courter
Russell Kemp
1980 Dr Ellwood T. Rees NFMS Lincoln, NE MWF
1981 Dan Caudle RMFMS Salt Lake City, UT NFMS
1982 Barbara Goss Pettit CFMS Houston, TX SCFMS
1983 Henry Bonar EFMLS Spokane, WA NFMS
1984 Bill Cox SCFMS San Diego, CA CFMS
1985 Betty Crawford MWF Charleston, WV EFMLS
1986 Ed Wilponen NFMS South Bend, IN MWF
1987 Jim V. Howell RMFMS Oklahoma City, OK RMFMS
1988 Dick Swartz CFMS Shreveport, LA SCFMS
1989 William J. Maloney, Jr EFMLS Portland, OR NFMS
1990 Eugene Powell SCFMS Ventura, CA CFMS
1991 Diane Dare MWF Tampa, FL EFMLS
1992 R. Ed Romack NFMS Brunswick, OH MWF
1993 James F. Hurlbut RMFMS Denver, CO RMFMS
1994 Ruth Bailey CFMS Houston, TX SCFMS
1995 Fred C. Schaefermeyer EFMLS Boise, ID NFMS
1996 Edward O. Ries SCFMS Riverside, CA CFMS
1997 Margaret F. Heinek MWF Jackson, MS EFMLS
1998 Dee Holland NFMS Houghton, MI MWF
1999 Lewis F. Elrod SFMS Nashville, TN SFMS
2000 Dan Lingelbach RMFMS Moab, UT RMFMS
2001 Isabella Burns CFMS Arlington, TX SCFMS
2002 Steve Weinberger EFMLS Port Townsend, WA NFMS
2003 Ron Carman SCFMS Ventura, CA CFMS
2004 Marvin Starbuck MWF Syracuse, NY EFMLS
2005 Bill Smith NFMS St. Louis, MO MWF
2006 Jim Robinson SFMS Nashville, TN SFMS
2007 Dr. Robert Carlson RMFMS Roswell, NM RMFMS
2008 Shirley Leeson CFMS Humble, TX SCFMS
2009 Joy Bourne EFMLS Billings, MT NFMS
2010 Emerson Tucker SCFMS La Habra, CA CFMS
2011 Bob Miller MWF Syracuse,. NY EFMLS
2012 Lauren Williams NFMS Minnetonka, MN MWF
2013 Don Monroe SFMS Jacksonville, FL SFMS
2014 Richard Jaeger RMFMS Tulsa, OK RMFMS
2015 Marion Roberts CFMS Austin, TX SCFMS
2016 Matthew Charsky EFMLS Albany, OR NFMS
2017 Ronald R. Carman SCFMS Ventura, CA CFMS
2018 Sandy Fuller MWF Cottage Grove, MN EFMLS

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