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By George and Rena Everett
December 1999 Lodestar (SFMS Newsletter)


As promised we will now introduce you to the next two former Pebble Pups who are making a living with the knowledge that they began acquiring as Juniors in the Jackson, Mississippi club. 

Jimmy Brown was a rockhound and member of the Jackson club from an early age. As he grew up and his collection became more sophisticated, he liked to give his surplus specimens (some of which were very good) to younger juniors. They furnished many neat door prizes and incentive awards during the years that our girls were juniors. With a college geology major, Jimmy now works for the North Carolina State Department of Geology in the environmental geology division. 

The fourth former Jackson junior, our daughter Terry, graduated from college with a major in history. She had a rock-firm foundation, however, and she realized that if she got a graduate degree in geology, she might be able to make a living while playing with rocks. She said from the beginning that she wanted 'to work with kids and rocks". Armed with an M.S. in geology, a teacher's certificate, and several summers of experience working with kids and rocks at Camp Carver, she put herself "on the block". She is now employed as the education coordinator for the Weinman Mineral Museum - definitely a dream come true. 

There are probably others who grew up in the Jackson club and have full-time geology careers, and for sure there are those who use the talents developed there to supplement their incomes. Who would ever have believed it when they picked up their first piece of gravel and said, "Oooh, what a pretty rock!". 

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