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Rocks & Fossils are Cool
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By George and Rena Everett
December 1998 Lodestar (SFMS Newsletter)


On a recent shopping trip to Memphis, George and I were really struck by the huge number of games, puzzles, and kits involving minerals and fossils that were available in just two stores there. There were geode and crystal growing kits, kits designed to mimic gem digs and digs for fossils and archaeological artifacts, little snow globes with dinosaurs inside, dino puzzles for all ages, dino sand art, Koosh dinosaurs, dinosaur Beanie Babies, videos of volcanoes and kits for building them. There was even a novel with a dino as the main character; it was entitled T-Rex and the Cradle of Doom. The list could go on and on; it was really incredible. 

These stores that specialize in scientific and other educational toys are immensely popular with kids and adults alike, and it is great fun to browse through them and just see what they have to offer. 

if this isn't enough, just check out your grocer's shelves. There are even dinosaurs in your oatmeal. 

Now, I am not advocating that we all 'run right down and buy some'. But just seeing all of those things that are related to this hobby of ours under one roof made us begin thinking. Kids like to do things that other kids are doing. They talk among themselves, and you can bet that they know which kinds of toys and games are the most popular. Plus, the stores aren't going to carry things that don't sell. Perhaps this is an indication that the time is right for a really big push into getting our juniors more involved in club activities, either on their own level or with the adult group. Never before in my lifetime has this phenomenon existed. Rocks are COOL! Fossils are COOL! Let's strike while the iron is hot. 

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