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Youth Scholarships
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By George and Rena Everett
May 1998 Lodestar (SFMS Newsletter)


Last October Travis Paris asked us if Chris Wright's Wildacres scholarship offer could be extended to William Holland. At that point, we did not know, but we have checked with Chris, and the answer is a resounding "Yes"!!! It was really hard for students to go to Wildacres because there were no workshops during the summer vacation period. Now, between the two schools, there should surely be at least one workshop during the students' vacation time. In the meantime, we have also talked to Art and Doris Mott, the registrars at Wildacres, about the possibility of having a session during the summer vacation period. (George has had a problem going to Wildacres since he is a teacher and there hasn't been a summer session in several years. Other teachers surely have the same problem, as well as students.) They hadn't realized that this problem exists and said that they would see what can be done.

So, now there is no excuse for not sending in a nomination for a young person in your club to receive a scholarship to one of these prestigious lapidary schools. It is too late to apply for 1998, but if the clubs will send the nominations to us by December 31, 1998, with a brief letter explaining why their nominee should receive this scholarship, we will convene a committee and announce a winner in time for application to be made for one of the 1999 sessions.

Once again, Chris had made this generous offer to foster an interest in gem, minerals and the lapidary arts in our young people. Let's show him our appreciation by taking him up on his offer.


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