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Reviving The FRA
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By George and Rena Everett
May 1998 Lodestar (SFMS Newsletter)

We have just received a packet of information from Bob and Kathy Miller, the new AFMS Junior Activities Chairmen; and it sounds like they have some really good plans for the American Federation and for us as members of the Federation.

First, they are going to try to revive the Future Rockhounds of American (FRA). This group was begun by the American Federation in 1984, so that the youth in our clubs would have an organization all their own to encourage their activities and keep their interest high. The only requirement for a group to obtain membership in FRA is that it be organized and sponsored by an American Federation club. There are no dues to pay for membership, as Federation dues will be paid through the adult club. They even have a pin and a patch all their own.

The Millers will have a booth at the AFMS Convention/Show in Houghton, Michigan this summer. They will provide information and handouts for interested young people who stop by. The handouts will be in the form of pamphlets that they have acquired from various agencies around the country, as well as rock, mineral, and fossil specimens. If any of the members of Southeast Federation have some extra specimens, the Millers would love to have them to give away at this year's show. Members can deliver the specimens in person, mail them to the Millers (1106 Clayton Drive, South Bend, Indiana 46614), or send them to Houghton, Ml with a friend who will be attending the AFMS meeting. Whatever we can send would be very welcome.

The Millers sent us instructions on how to become a member of the RFA, an application form for those who want to sponsor an FRA group, an order form for FRA pins and patches, a list of places that have been receptive to requests for handouts, and a very helpful list of things to be considered by those who are considering organizing their own "Pebble Pup" group, and they promise more information as they get it together.

If there is anyone out there in Southeast Federation-land who needs any or all of this information, please let us know. The copy place loves to see us coming, and we could have it to you in a day or two.

It sounds like the Junior Activities department in the AFMS is off to a running start. Let's help them all we can.


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