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Organization of Youth Programs

Organization of Youth Programs

Planning and organizing youth activity clubs for the mineral, fossil, and lapidary hobby dictates that immense pre-planning be undertaken.

It is not a one person job, but one requiring input from many.  Teachers, scout leaders, church youth organizations leaders, parents, and adult mineral hobbyists and professionals.

Things to be considered

  1. Meeting Place.
  2. Day and time meetings will be held.
  3. What ages should be considered.
  4. Will membership dues be needed.
  5. Will insurance coverage be needed.
  6. Safety must plan an important role.
  7. What activities should be provided
  8. Will we plan field trips.
  9. How will we transport the participants
  10. Will refreshments be a part of the meetings.
  11. Will we want to have a newsletter.
  12. What supplies will be needed.
  13. Selection of officers from the youth.
  14. Shall we incorporate for non-profit status and protection from lawsuit.
  15. Will a budget be helpful.
  16. How will we finance the budget if one is established (Ways And Means).
  17. How should the achievers be recognized (plaques, certificates, nice specimens, hold award ceremonies).

As evidenced by the above it will take a lot of follow through and not just agreeing that club would be nice.  If you do not get behind the effort in earnest, then do not start as it would be a tremendous let down to the youngsters if you fail to come through.


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