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2010 Endowment
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JUNE 18 � 20, 2010
Whittier, California

by Bill Pattillo, Endowment Fund Chair
Josie Middleton, 2010 Endowment Fund Chair

Time is short for the year 2010 and the AFMS Endowment Fund drawing, so we need to get busy and get things rolling. I have taken the position of Chairman of the AFMS Endowment Fund drawing and hope that 2010 will be as successful a year as 2009 was. I want to thank Dee Holland for doing a terrific job this past year. Time us going to be of essence, this year, as the AFMS Show will be earlier than last year. Be sure and purchase a ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20. Make your check payable to: �AFMS Endowment Fund�. Your Federation Chairperson should have tickets. Check with him or her. Here is a list of Chairpersons, as of this time. Still looking for someone who will work with the Endowment Fund drawing from the California Federation, Northwest Federation, Rocky Mountain Federation and the South Central Federation. If you would like to help out, please contact me: Josie Middleton, I would love to work with you and make 2010 a record breaking year, for the Endowment Drawing. Here are the contacts for three Federations:

Eastern Federation: Carolyn Weinberger, PO Box 301, Glyndon, MD 21071-0302, 410-833-7926 cscrystals2verizon.net.

Midwest Federation: John Washburn, 107 Deer Creek Road, Rochester, IL 62563, 217-498-7715 jrwashburn3msn.com

Southeast Federation: Betty James 169-A, Florence Circle, Florence, JS, 39073, 601-914-6747 , mineralidcomcast.net

Although I do not have the final figures from this years Endowment Drawing, it appears that we raised a goodly amount. I'd certainly like to top that for this coming year. The funds we raise are invested and the interest is used to sponsor several AFMS projects, which benefit your club.

Am also looking for a couple of prizes from each Federation, to be part of the 2010 drawing.

If you would like to make a donation, want tickets or have a question, please contact me directly.

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Note: Items will be added to this page as they become available.

2010 AFMS Endowment Fund Drawing Prizes
As of April 18, 2010

A First Look . . . Prize Descriptions and More Information

Click on the images below for a larger picture.

Prize #1 - Silver and Gem Stones Pendant

Prize #2 - Eudialyte Sphere
Prize #1: Sterling Silver wth citrine, agate, and willow creek jasper Pendant. The pendant was donated by Ted Magee, Modesto, California.(CFMS).  The estimated value for this necklace is $350 to $450.

Ted is an instructor at Camp Paradise and Zzyzx in Silversmithing.
Received CFMS Presidents Trophy in 2004 and 2008
Won the CFMS 1st Place Jewelry trophy award 2006 through 2009
Won the CFMS Sharr Choate Trophy 2006
Won the AFMS Jewelry trophy 2007

  Prize #2: A two inch Sphere of Eudialyte. The mineral from of this particular item is that it was always a bit rare and has only gotten scarcer. I am not sure of the location of the material but I am almost positive this came from a Canadian deposit and not from the Greenland source. This was cut by John Rowland of Austin, Texas and donated by the South Central Federation as a whole. It comes with a wooden Rosewood type of sphere holder. The value for this item is $100.

Prize #3 - Sterling and Amethyst Pendant and Earring Set

Prize #4 - Amethyst Ring
Prize #3: Sterling Silver and Amethyst pendent and earring set, with chain. Pendent is approximately 4mm oval and Earrings are approximately 3 mm ovals. This was donated by Les Pagel of the Victoria Gem and Mineral Society, South Central Federation. This wonderful set is valued at $50.   Prize #4: Pear cut Amethyst Ring set in Sterling Silver and Palladium. Size is 6.5 or 7 ladies. Approximately 16.9 mm. Unfortunately none of these pieces of jewelry came with carat weight or millimeters sizes. This ring is valued at 65.00 and also donated by Les Pagel.

Prize #5 - Amethyst Cathedral

Prize #6 - Chrysophrase Pendant
Prize #5: Amethyst Cathedral. It has very good colour and the measurements are 13.5 H x 6.5 W x 2.5 D. This would make e a very nice addition to someone home and collection. Of course being a mineral enthusiast, this would be my personal favorite. This is most likely Brazilian in origin. Value for this item is at $120. Item was donated by the Pleasant Oak Gem and Mineral Society, also in the South Central Federation.   Prize #6: 14k wire wrapped pear shaped cabochon of Chrysoprase, pendent form. I don�t have all the dimension information on this. It is donated by the Eastern Federation Mineral and Lapidary Society by Al DeMilo. The value of this item is approx. $125.

Prize #7 - Dichroic Glass Pendant

Prize #8 - Heart Shaped Blue Topaz Pendant
Prize #7: Dichroic Glass Pendant wire wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire. A donation by Anna Christiansen of the Mother Lode Mineral Society and has an estimated value of $75. (CFMS).   Prize #8: A heart shaped blue topaz pendant made and donated by Skeeter and Joyce Kish. The topaz is 10mm and weighs 4.5 carats. It is wire wrapped in 14k gold filled wire. Estimated value $100. (MWF)

Prize #9 - Spring-Green Cultured Pearl Necklace and Earrings



Prize #9: A necklace with earrings made from large spring-green cultured pearls with gold-filled accents. The pendant is a freeform cabochon of Australian Rainforest jasper. The set was made and donated by Regina Kapta and Hasan estimated value of $150. (MWF)











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