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2007 Endowment
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The 2007 AFMS Endowment Fund Drawing

from Joy Bourne, AFMS Endowment Fund Committee Chairman


Our list of prizes for the 2007 Endowment Fund Drawing is now complete. We are very gratified and proud to show these beautiful and valuable items, each created or collected and contributed by a craftsmen or artisan in one of our seven Regional Federation of AFMS. Our Regional representatives in each of the seven Federations will have tickets available for distribution until May 15, so if you have not already made your contribution, NOW IS THE TIME!

For a donation of $5, you can obtain one coupon, or if you donate $20, you will receive five opportunities to be the proud recipient of one (or more) of the prizes. Every coupon has an equal chance of being drawn at the conclusion of the AFMS/RMFMS Awards Banquet in Roswell, NM on June 9. Tickets can be obtained from any of our Regional Federation representatives:

Joy Bourne, Endowment Fund Chair
RR #1, Box 159A
Towanda, PA 18848-9739

Endowment Fund Regional Representatives for 2007:

CFMS: Bural LaRue
EFMLS: Joy Bourne
MWF: John Washburn
NFMS: Rocky McCall
RMFMS:    Howell T. Whiting
SCFMS: Joyce Speed
SFMS: Ken Anderson
Carolyn Weinberger

More information in April 2007 AFMS Newsletter

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Note: Items will be added to this page as they become available.

2007 AFMS Endowment Fund Drawing Prizes
As of March 25, 2007

A First Look . . . Prize Descriptions and More Information

Click on the images below for a larger picture.

Prize #1 - Agate Nodule With the Bowls Stacked Together.

Photo by Clyf Bourne

Prize #1 - Eight Bowls Cut From Agate Nodule at Left.

Photo by Clyf Bourne


Prize # 2 - Gold Hand-Knit Necklace

Photo by Clyf Bourne

Prize #1: Fred Schaefermeyer, Past President of EFMLS, and AFMS Past President was the first to offer us a special prize for the 2007 Drawing. He sent us a set of eight beautifully cut and polished nested bowls made of agate. What is most unusual is that they were all cut from the same 4 � inch agate nodule! Fred tells us that he purchased them from a dealer in Denver about 20 years ago, and has yet to meet anyone who could tell him how they were cut into perfect individual nested bowls. Each bowl is curved, but has a small has a flat bottom on which it sits perfectly level, yet, when nested, the geode is back in one piece with only fractional disparities from its original shape. The dealer did not know who did the work, nor who the original owner was. Approximate value for this rare (one of a kind) set is $300 - $400. (EFMLS)


Prize #2: A beautiful 21-inch gold filled hand-knit chain necklace made by �Grit� Turner, who is an instructor at William Holland School in S. Carolina. The �chain� is actually a hollow 1/4" tube of finely knit gold wire. Marge Collins, who donated the piece, reports that she has never seen another piece employing this design, which was created by Mr. Turner. It is truly beautiful and definitely another �one of a kind� prize for this year�s drawing. You will not see this design anywhere on the internet, either. I know, I looked! Approximate value $50 (MWF)


Prize #3 - Freshwater Pearl Blister Pendant

Photo by Clyf Bourne

Prize #4 - Pair of Tampa Bay Coral Geodes
Photo by Diane Weir
Prize #3: An exquisite freshwater pearl blister set in a dainty 18mm x 24mm, 14 karat gold filigreed pendant. The rectangle is hung from the delicate 4k chain in a diagonal orientation so that the blister falls directly below the golden bail. Absolutely beautiful! This lovely piece was crafted by AFMS President Dr. Robert Carlson, who generously took time from his busy schedule to prepare this very special prize for the 2007 drawing. Thank you, Dr. Bob, for your generosity! Approximate value $150. (RMFMS)   Prize #4: An excellent Tampa Bay Coral geode pair donated by Howell Whiting. Howell describes this prize as �A pair of fossilized coral from a site in Tampa, Florida that is no longer accessible to collectors. I've had them awhile and think they originally came from Past AFMS President Henry Bonar, but am not positive. �In any event, I am attaching an actual size photo of the pair. The tallest is 7" x 2 -1/2" and the other is 6-1/2" x 2 -1/2".� Howard�s daughter Diane Weir, (also a member of the Chapparel Rockhounds), joked, �Don't you think it looks like a one-eyed fat little alien sitting in the left bottom corner of the biggest piece? We did. So we have a fossilized alien to offer (haha) - goes right with our area, huh?� Valued at $200 for the pair. (RMFMS)).
Prize #5 - Two Gem Trees

Photo by John Washburn

Prize #6 - Vanadinite Specimen

Photo by John Washburn

Prize # 5: Not one, but two lovely gem trees, donated by Judy Washburn, who fashioned both of these lovely trees. One is a 4 -inch gem tree of green wire with selenite rose flowers and tumbled petrified wood buds. The tree is mounted on chalcocite with malachite rosettes. The second is also a 4 -inch tree. This one is made of silver wire with perky flowers of milky quartz, with peridot buds, and the tree in mounted on a peridotite volcanic bomb. The two items are valued together at $50.00 (MWF)   Prize #6: A spectacular 5-inch x 2-inch showcase/cabinet specimen which is covered with well- defined sparkling red vanadanite crystals perched on quartz crystals, This excellent specimen came from the Pure Potential Mine in La Paz County, Arizona. Donated by John Washburn, who also supplied the photo. Valued at $75.00 (MWF).
Prize #7 - Sphalerite with Barite from Elmwood Mine  

Prize #8 - Native American Knife


Prize #7: A beautiful and rare 7 �-� x 4 � � x 2 � �cabinet specimen of sphalerite crowned with barite clusters, one of which is a 2 �" ball, and showing the corner of a 1" clear fluorite crystal peeking out at the base of the cluster. This outstanding beauty was retrieved from the famous Elmwood Mine in Smith County, Tennessee, which is currently closed. The prize was donated by AFMS Past President, Lewis Elrod, who values the piece at $225. (SFMS)   Prize #8: An authentic and unique Native American knife. The blade is napped from a piece of opal, and the handle is fashioned from a deer horn. The butt of the handle is adorned with a carved American Eagle head with open beak, in which a small (quartz?) crystal serves as the eagle�s tongue. Pictured are the knife and an enlarged photo of the carved eagle. This 6 � -inch masterpiece was crafted by Bill Metcalf who specializes in Native American replicas. Purchased and donated by Joyce Speed, Endowment Fund SCFMS Committee member, especially for the 2007 prize drawing. Valued at $100. (SCFMS)
Prize #8 - Handle Carving  
Prize #9 - Sterling Silver Bracelet set with Swarovsky beads  
Prize #10 - Suite of Thirty-two Jade Cabochons  
Prize # 9: A gorgeous hand-crafted sterling silver bracelet, measuring 7 1/4' long and set with Capri Blue Swarovski crystal beads,. This stunning piece of jewelry was created and donated for the 2007 Drawing by Lois Allman, CFMS Past President, accomplished silversmith and long-time instructor at the CFMS earth science camps. The bracelet is conservatively valued at $100.   Prize #10: Suite of Thirty-two Jade Cabochons from the Estate of master lapidarist, Carl Childers, late member of the Lubbock Gem & Mineral Society. No two of these exquisite cabs are exactly alike; each was cut and shaped along the natural form of the rough material, and each is impeccably polished to a perfectly reflective brilliance. Carl�s widow Mary Childers has graciously donated this spectacular set of jade, displayed in a Riker mount case, to the Endowment Fund drawing, continuing her generous support again this year. The prize is valued at $150. (SCFMS)
Prize #11 - Jewelry Sized Intarsia  
Prize #12 - Geode Lined with Quartz and Calcite Crystals  
Prize #11: An outstanding Jewelry Sized Intarsia, created and donated by, NFMS Rules and Awards Chair, Barbara Jacobson, member of the NFMS Club At Large. This excellent piece was crafted with a centerpiece of Kentucky agate in black, red, and gold which is bordered with approximately the same colors in onyx (black), petrified wood (Utah red), and jasper ( Madagasgar pale yellow). The overall dimensions are approximately 1- 3/8 in. by 2 in. Barbara tells us it was made up of 31 separate pieces placed on a backing of basanite. Estimated retail value is $500. (NFMS)   Prize #12: Geode lined with quartz and calcite crystals from the noted Walker Valley Agate and Geode collecting locality in Skagit County, Washington, a very special area for NFMS collectors. This beautiful specimen (as pictured) measures 5" high x 7" wide x 5" deep. It can also easily be displayed in a perpendicular orientation, as it has two flat bases. The large quartz crystals are a pale smoky color, and the calcite bed is yellowish-white. Lightly peppered atop the crystals are tiny black microcrystals of unidentified mineralogy. The specimen was mined and donated by Dan & LaVonda Vandenburg, members of the Skagit Rock & Gem Club, Mount Vernon Washington. Rocky estimates the value of the specimen at easily $125 - $150. (NFMS)

Prize #13 - A jumbo Faceted Butterfly Cut Gemstone  

Prize #14 - Amethyst Sage Agate in Sterling Silver Pendant  

Photo by Norvie Enns

Prize #13: A jumbo faceted (17mm x 11mm) gemstone, This stunning eye-catcher was executed by SFMS President and Master Faceter, Buddy Shotts, who has generously donated it to us for the 2007 Drawing. Buddy tells us the material is Jessieville, Arkansas crystal quartz, and the stone is cut in Don Clark�s famous �Butterfly� pattern. A careful look down through the table and on through the stone reveals a beautiful butterfly reflecting back to the viewer from the interior. The phenomenon is achieved by leaving specific pavilion facets unpolished - truly a touch of artistry which was beautifully executed by Buddy in this stone. The stone is displayed in a brass caliper stand which comes along to the lucky winner as a part of the prize. You won�t want to wear this one on your pinky - unless you really want to impress your friends. Value of the prize is $150. (SFMS)   Prize #14: Amethyst Sage Agate Necklace. The beautiful cabochon material came from Northern Humboldt Co., Nevada, and is cut and impeccably polished into an elongated 22x40mm oval showing the intricate tree pattern typical of the desert sage. The custom setting features a deep, specially crafted Sterling Silver flat bezel which is trimmed with a delicate silver lace border, and is signed by its creator. Overall dimensions of the setting are 27x50 mm. The piece is hung from an 18" Sterling Silver 3 mm round Omega Chain necklace. This lovely prize was created especially for the 2007 AFMS Endowment Fund Drawing, and donated by the artist, master silversmith, Norvie Enns, member of the Reno Gem & Mineral Society, and also CFMS Public Lands Advisory Chair. It is valued at $100 - $150. (CFMS)

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