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2006 Endowment
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The 2006 AFMS Endowment Fund Drawing

from Joy Bourne, AFMS Endowment Fund Committee Chairman

Here Come The Prizes!

More Prizes for the 2006 Endowment Fund Drawing

We have now received twelve (count �em - 12!!) Fabulous Prizes for the 2006 drawing as of March 15th - and we are still expecting more! We have received donations of prizes from every one of the seven AFMS Regional Federations, and know you, too, will want to help support this once-a-year fund-raiser for the AFMS Endowment Fund.

If you have already purchased your tickets, you are eligible to win any of these beautiful and valuable prizes. If you have not yet bought yours, there is still time to join in the excitement. Your Regional Committee person has plenty of tickets to sell at $5.00 each (or get 5 tickets for $20), and he/she is looking forward to selling a winning ticket to you!!

The regional representatives are visiting all major shows in your Region, and if you should happen to miss seeing your rep, you can contact him/her as follows:

CFMS: Bural LaRue
EFMLS: Joy Bourne
MWF: Marvin Starbuck
NFMS: Rocky McCall
RMFMS:    Howell T. Whiting
SCFMS: Joyce Speed
SFMS: Ken Anderson

We urge you to make the contact soon - and if, for some reason, you cannot contact your regional rep, never fear! You can purchase tickets by mail, too. Just send your check for the desired number of tickets to me at:

Joy Bourne, Chair
AFMS Endowment Fund
RR #1, Box 159A
Towanda, PA 18848-9739

(570) 265-6454

I will send your tickets by return mail.

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Note: Items will be added to this page as they become available.

2006 AFMS Endowment Fund Drawing Prizes
As of April 22, 2006

Click on the images below for a larger picture.

2006 Drawing tickets will again be priced at $5.00 each, or 5 tickets for $20.00, and are available for purchase from your Regional Endowment Fund Committee members.



1. Signed original painting of a Great Horned Owl in a 14" x18" mahogany frame. The �paint� is NOT the usual artist�s paint. It is actually rock which has been pulverized very finely, and mixed with Elmer�s glue and water. There is no paint in this picture. It was painted by Bryce Barker of Battle Creek, Michigan. He has also painted wildlife scenes on Jacobs- Yule sandstone from the shores of Lake Superior. (MWF)


2. Fourteen Herkimer Diamonds in seven druse-lined vugs on two faces in a cabinet specimen of Little Falls dolomite matrix from Herkimer County, NY. Donated by long-time collectors and exhibitors, Thomas and Joseph Kapalewski Syracuse, NY, who have collected these stones for over 30 years. The �diamonds� are actually doubly-terminated crystals of some of the finest quartz in the world, and are often found with inclusions of water-filled bubbles or small black anthraxolite crystals. Crystals in this specimen measure from micro-size to 1" in length. The formation in which they are found extends north along the Mohawk River in central New York state to the Appalachian mountain range. It is believed the �diamonds� formed about 500 million years ago. This specimen is trimmed as a triangular pyramid with a rectangular base. The base measures 3" x 5", with a slant front face measuring 6" tall. (EFMLS)



3. Honey-golden calcite xls in a fossilized Mercenaria permagna (Giant Venus) clam shell. Overall dimensions of the specimen are 3' x 2" x 1-3/4 �. The four or five largest golden dogtooth xls seen in the lower valve measure 10mm wide x 15mm tall. Collected from the Nashua Fm, Ruck�s Pit, Fort Drum Florida, this excellent specimen was donated by Betty James, SFMS Secretary and member of the Mississippi Gem & Mineral Club, Value $90. (SFMS)   4. Three-inch Honey Calcite sphere created by Jim Matlock, member of the Chaparral Rockhounds. (Howell Whiting says, �Jim is also a member of the High Plains Mineral club in Texas but we will not mention that.�) Jim says that it is worth about $100.00. (RMFMS)
5. Five-inch diameter Amethyst Geode, lined with crystals ranging to �" in size. This is an excellent specimen from the Las Choyas Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico. Impeccably cut and polished by donor, Ken Anderson of the So. Appalachin Mineral Society and SFMS Treasurer, this beauty comes complete with a cherry wood display stand fashioned by the donor. Ken gives the age of the specimen at 44 million years. The base was cut from one of the 15 major trees that were brought down by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Ken salvaged much from the beautifully grained trees and has turned bowls and other items from them. Value of the prize is $65.00. (SFMS)   6. Tanzanite pendant. This tanzanite rough used in this piece originated in the Merelani fields of Tanzania. This prized and valuable dichroic gemstone was purchased, cut and faceted by Reivan Zeleznik, Past President of EFMLS, and longtime Wildacres faceting instructor. The cut of the stone is Long�s �Lazy Pear 2� design with 69 facets. The stone measures approximately 6mm x 9mm, and weighs 1.38 carats. It is set in a lovely stylized 14K lost-wax gold pendant, which enhances the stone�s beauty and sets off the flashes of rose or blue depending up on the lighting conditions under which it is viewed. Its value is conservatively estimated at $500. (EFMLS)


7. This magnificent Intarsia Pendant, entitled �Red Mountain,� was created by multiple-AFMS Award-Winning artist and author, Rocky McCall of NFMS, presently serving as AFMS 5th Regional Vice President. It is accompanied by a signed descriptive certificate of authenticity, and a brief resume of the artist�s many prestigious awards and credentials. Set in stamped sterling silver, the 1- 5/16" x 1-3/4" Montana agate cabochon is inset with the 1- 3/16" x 1" intarsia �picture� of Red Mountain. The first frame of the intarsia is Oregon Jasper, the second frame is Washington Pristine. The corners are carnelian from Washington and the final frame is of petrified wood, also from Washington state. The pendant is mounted on a 16" sterling silver chain, and the pendant is contained in a black leatherette case. Rocky tells us that the intarsia contains 17 separate pieces. He continues, � It is one of a kind, and cannot be duplicated. The center is made by God and displayed by his servant.� A truly outstanding prize for some really fortunate winner! Its retail value is set at $400. (NFMS)   8. A beautiful original pottery bowl made by the drape method, decorated and fired by Mississippi Gem & Mineral Society member, Bob Summers ("Bob the artist"). The bowl measures three and one-half inches high and seven inches wide. Bob works in pottery by several methods, and paints in all mediums. He has quite a large local following but has just recently started selling on the internet. His decorations on the inside of the bowl are interesting, don't you think? Because he did not glaze the inside, which would have detracted from the pattern, it probably is not suitable for food but Betty James, SFMS Secretary and MGMS member, suggests that it would make a wonderful display and cache pot for all those odds and ends we toss here and there or just to decorate a table in the foyer. Actually, Betty says she would like to be the lucky winner! Conservatively appraised at $120. (SFMS)
9. Collection of four agate cabochons cut from material collected in the Calamity Creek area, south of Alpine Texas. Included are Texas Plume and Moss agates and an Owyhee jasper. Sizes of the three larger cabs are 40mm x 52mm, and the fourth measures 30mm x 40mm. The uniquely beautiful cabochons are just a small sample of the superb lapidary work done by the late Carl Childers, well known lapidarist, cabbing instructor and author, of Lubbock, TX. His wife Mary has graciously donated this set to the AFMS to be used as one of the 2006 prizes in tribute to Carl�s dedication to our organization and its objectives. The set is most conservatively valued at $200. (SCFMS)   10. A real Texas Treasure of a Bolo Tie, also created by Carl Childers, of Lubbock, TX. The cabochon was cut from rare White Dino and polished by Carl, then mounted in a sterling setting designed by metalsmith Ron Simons, of Lubbock, Texas. The cabochon circle measures 2" in diameter and overall dimensions of the piece are 2 1/4' high by 2 3/4' wide. Included with the tie is a handsome tarnish-resistant velcro-closured pouch designed and made by Carl�s wife, Mary. A real value at $200. (SCFMS)
11. Lady�s 14k gold lost wax cast ring. This stunning beauty was created for the 2006 drawing by Bural LaRue, CFMS Second Vice-President, who is well-known for his outstanding craftsmanship, metalsmith teaching, and his generous contributions over the past three years to our AFMS drawings. The striking and unusual design of the ring features a slightly left-offset 8 x10 mm laser-cut oval blue topaz. The spectacular stone is entwined in a golden wreath, with a spray of six golden stems placed to the right. The ring is size 7, but if that is not your size, Bural assures us that it can be easily resized by a competent jeweler. The value of the boxed ring is $250. (CFMS)   12. Carving - Virgil Keltz, master carver, created this minutely detailed frog, sitting on a leaf, from Lake Wenatchee, WA soapstone, which is tan in color with a tinge of rose. Virgil is a four-time winner of AFMS trophies for his carvings; most recently in the 2004 AFMS competition, and we are pleased and honored that he created and donated this beautiful piece especially for the 2006 Endowment Fund Drawing. The stylized leaf is approximately 5"x9" and the colorful frog measures 3". A self-styled �semi-professional� carver, Virgil is a member of Skagit Rock & Gem Club, NFMS. and is a Past NFMS Rules Chairman. The magnificent piece is valued at $550. (NFMS)


13. Rhyolite Necklace and Pierced- Earring Set. This strikingly beautiful set of beads and earrings was hand-crafted by co-producers, Marve and Kitty Starbuck especially for the 2006 Endowment Fund Drawing. As many of you know, Marve is an AFMS Past President, and Kitty has served as AFMS Club Publications Chairman for a number of years. The 18" necklace features 41 beautifully polished, 6-mm to 8-mm rhyolite beads, made from material collected by the Starbucks near Deming, NM this past winter. The picture-perfect rhyolite pendant drop was created, polished and set in a delicately bezeled sterling silver mounting by Marve. The clasp, accent pieces and pierced earring settings are also sterling silver. Kitty says, � Marve did the silver work, I did the stringing.� This excellently-executed set of lovely jewelry is valued at $100. (MWF) �(Photo by Norman Hanshu)   14. Waving Flag Bracelet, hand-beaded and graciously donated by Anna Christiansen CFMS artist and regular ZYZXX instructor. Anna chose tiny colorful Delicas to create this beautiful patriotic piece of jewelry especially for the 2006 AFMS Endowment Fund Drawing. Delicas are very tiny sliced tube-beads, each measuring only 1 mm x 1mm, and the actual beading operation is described as somewhat like working with blocks, instead of balls. These beads are widely used in the making of amulet purses, pins and bracelets where designs are curved or patterned. Anna�s lovely design contains ten waving flags, each made up of a golden Delica-beaded mast on the left followed by 68 red, white and blue Delicas, in a stylized United States flag configuration. The ends of the bracelet are bounded by four rows of shining gold Delicas, demarking the two parts of the easy-to-use magnetic closure. Overall measurements of the bracelet are 1/2" wide and 7" long. A real treasure for some lucky lady, the bracelet is valued at $100. (CFMS)

And - This is only the beginning! We have more great prizes on the way! We expect to have 14 beautiful and valuable prizes to offer for you by the time the Nashville Convention rolls around. Pictures and descriptions will be added to the list as soon as they are received from the donors, and as always, we will keep you posted with continuing updates on this website. Stay Tuned!

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Download a printable brochure (3 parts) that includes pictures and descriptions:

2006 Endowment Fund Brochure - Part 1 (791k)   Updated 3-19-2006

2006 Endowment Fund Brochure - Part 2 (601k)   Updated 3-19-2006

2006 Endowment Fund Brochure - Part 3 (263k)   Updated 3-19-2006

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