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2005 Endowment
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The 2005 AFMS Endowment Fund Drawing

from Joy Bourne, AFMS Endowment Fund Committee Chairman

As of March 6, we are pleased to announce that we have received three new and valuable items to add to the list of prizes which will be won by lucky ticket purchasers at the drawing in St Louis in August 2005.  We think you will be impressed, as we were, to see these beautiful new additions and hope you will be among those on the list of winners.  Winning ticket-holders do not need to be present at the drawing to win, either.

Of course, we invite contributions from members of all seven regional federations - we will be happy to add the products of your special talents to our list. The more items we have, the greater the returned benefits for all of us in the American Federation.   We�ll be keeping you informed of more prize donations as we receive them, and will have pictures posted on the website as soon as we have them.

Drawing for all prizes will be held during the 2005 Awards Banquet on August 20th. The price for a ticket is $5.00, or you can purchase 5 tickets for $20.00, and all receipts go directly to benefit the AFMS Endowment Fund. Tickets are available now from all Regional Committee members of the Endowment Fund committee (see list on this page) - or you can get yours at the MWF show at Queeny Park in St Louis, on August 19 - 20. Anyone wishing to purchase advance sale tickets before the convention, just contact me by mail at RR #1, Box 159A, Towanda, PA 18848, or email me at <cspringsepix.net>. We�ll be happy to mail them out to you when we receive your check.

To obtain tickets or more information, contact the person listed below in your Regional Federation:


Bural LaRue - CFMS


Joy Bourne- EFMLS


Marvin Starbuck- MWF


Jack Edwards - NFMS


Howell T. Whiting- RMFMS


Joyce Speed- SCFMS


Ken Anderson - SFMS


Joy Bourne- AFMS Endowment Fund Chair

Note: Items will be added to this page as they become available.

2005 AFMS Endowment Fund Drawing Prizes
As of May 22, 2005

Click on the images below for a larger picture.

1. Pecos Diamond Necklace: This dramatic piece was created and donated to the 2005 drawing by Dorothy Borman, of the Chaparral Rockhounds (RMFMS). The necklace is 33" long, with a 3" center drop. The necklace hangs 18". It contains 16 Pecos Diamond clusters mounted in bellcap connectors separated by 1" nugget beads. Absolutely stunning! Valued at $100.



2 -3. Two Opal Pendants: Both set in 14K gold mountings, these cabochons measure 8x15 mm and 10x14mm in size, respectively, and both show lots of red and green fiery sparkles throughout. The stones are from the inventory of the Endowment Fund, and were cut, finished and set by Shirley Leeson, (CFMS), and Dee Holland, (NFMS). Each is valued at $200.


4. A beautiful butterfly, carved from petrified wood, pedestal-mounted, and donated by AFMS President Bill Smith of NFMS, who carved and mounted the butterfly especially for the 2005 Endowment Fund. It is a carmel-and- cream color, 3 3/4" wide and just over 3 1/2" long. Bill says he has never seen this lovely cream color in wood before - and its value is $100 - $150.


5. Rare specimen plate of nine Eocene fossil bird tracks from the Green River fm, Soldiers� Summit, Utah. Size of the plate is 9" x 9 1/4" x 3/16". Acquired by Bill Klose, EFMLS/AFMS Safety Chairman, from the collection of the Paleontological Research Institute of Ithaca, NY, with permission of Dr. Warren Allmon, Director. Value $150.


6. Pecos Diamond Gem Tree: Donated by Howell Whiting, (RMFMS), this beautiful tree has 327 �leaves� of double-terminated "Pecos Valley Diamonds�. Its dimensions are 7 �" high x 5 �" wide The 3" x 4" base is alabaster, and it is studded with 9 clusters of Pecos crystals. The tree was made by Howell�s daughter, Diane Weir of the Chaparral Rockhounds and is valued at $85 to $100. The "Pecos Valley Diamond" is a colorful, double-terminated quartz crystal that occurs in scattered outcrops of the Permian Seven Rivers Formation along the Pecos River. On February 14, 1985, the Chaves County Commission designated the "Pecos Valley Diamond" as the Official Mineral and Gemstone for the county.


7. Keokuk Geode pair from the Sheffler Geode mine, Clark County, MO: This beauty of a pair was donated by John Washburn, MWF President, who reports that it was dug out of the old pit at Sheffler�s several years ago. It measures about 5" in one direction and 7 � in the other for an average of 6 inches. Lined with sparkling quartz crystals, each half also shows a light sprinkling of micro-pyrite throughout. Valued at $50.00.


8. Brilliant Wood specimen from Brilliant Alabama: This beautiful cabinet specimen, measuring 6" x 3" x 3.5", was donated by Bob and Ruby Marshall, members of the Mississippi Gem & Mineral Society (SFMS). Brilliant wood is fossilized (60 to 100 million years old) sandstone-replaced wood, covered with small drusy, smoky quartz crystals. The dig site is a strip coal mine that is now closed. This specimen was collected by Ruby and Bob, who have graciously donated it for the 2005 Endowment Fund. Valued at $30 - $40.


9. Michigan Copper Specimen: Native copper from the Adventure Mine in Ontonagon County, Michigan. The specimen is 4" high and at the widest part 2 3/4" it comes with a display stand. Donated by Pamela and Steve Hecht, members of the Copper Country Rock & Mineral Club, The specimen has been cleaned and protected from future tarnish damage. Value $50. (MWF)


10. Jim Robinson, AFMS President-Elect, and member of the Jacksonville Gem & Mineral Society (FL) created this beautiful intarsia shield, which is set in a custom sterling silver pendant created by Ann C. Monroe, of the Tri-State Gem & Mineral Society of Hayesville, NC. The overall dimensions of the pendant are 3.25" x 1.75" and the intarsia inlay measures 32mm x 27mm. The materials Jim used in the intarsia include opal in the center, surrounded by black jade, blue lapis and green malachite bands. Jim says he is not sure what the white material is - it was purchased several years ago at a show in Franklin NC, where the dealer called it �pristine.� He thinks it might be thenardite. A gorgeous piece of outstanding workmanship, this prize is valued at $150 - $200 (SFMS)


11. Sampler suite of New York State minerals, courtesy of Mike Hawkins, Geology Chairman for the NY State Museum Institute. The suite consists of three excellent NY State mineral specimens. One is a beautiful pyrite specimen from the Zinc Corporation of America Pierrepont Mine, St. Lawrence County, NY. This piece measures 3.5" x 4.5" x 4" and weighs 3 lb. 12 oz. more. A real Stunner! The mine has been filled and closed completely in the past two years, so there will be no more - ever! The second mineral in the suite is this incredible 2.5" x 2" x 1.5" Herkimer �Diamond� from Middleville, NY. The multiple crystal is even more beautiful than its picture - a real beauty, indeed. The third is this black uvite (magnesium tourmaline) cluster from the Bower Power location near Pierrepont, NY. This beautiful specimen measures about 6� x 3", and was collected in the old days when really good specimens were readily available. Total value for the suite is $75 - $100. Pictures by George and Barbara Gearhardt of the Capital District Mineral Club of Albany, NY. (EFMLS)


12. Another exquisite Chinese Freshwater pearl pendant from AFMS 2nd Vice President, Pat and CFMS Secretary, Bural LaRue, who also gave us last year�s beauty. This one is even more beautiful, if possible, than the first. Set in a 14k gold lost wax 14k gold casting on an 18" 14k gold chain, the pendant measures 40mm x 9mm. This gorgeous piece of jewelry was created by Bural, who is a master craftsman and regular instructor at Zyzxx, the CFMS's annual Earth Science retreat. Its market value is $295. (CFMS)


13. A simply gorgeous electric blue Swarovski bead bracelet. Seven inches long and 3/8 inches wide, the bracelet is formed of a woven triple strand of tiny rounds and 4 mm bi-pyramidal crystals with a sterling silver clasp.. The bracelet was created by Anna Christianson, CFMS Bulletin Aids Chair, and talented maker/donor of outstanding jewelry. Value $95. (CFMS)


14. Set of exquisite Enameled Beads from Delbert and Joyce Speed, members of the Arlington Gem & Mineral Institute. Each bead is an original creation made by Delbert. You may have seen Del demonstrating his craft at the 2004 AFMS/EFMLS show in Syracuse. The beads are made of enamel glass fused to 1/4" copper tubing, Del used about ten colors of glass in most of the beads, and Joyce tells us it takes him two to ten minutes to make each bead, depending on the size. The set includes 17 hand-made beads in five sizes; 4 of each of the following sizes: 10mm x 11mm, 12mmx 13mm, 13mm x 15mm, 14mm x 21mm, and a single large bead measuring 14mm x 40mm. Approximate show value for the set is $65 - $70.


2005 Drawing tickets will again be priced at $5.00 each, or 5 tickets for $20.00, and are available for purchase from your Regional Endowment Fund Committee members.

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