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2003 Endowment
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AFMS Endowment Fund Items for 2003

To obtain tickets or more information, contact the person listed below in your Regional Federation:


Steve Weinberger- EFMLS


Marvin Starbuck- MWF


Jack Edwards - NFMS


Dee Holland- CFMS


Howell T. Whiting- RMFMS


Joyce Speed- SCFMS


Lewis Elrod- SFMS

Winners Announced

Click on the images below for a larger picture.


      endow2003TurquoiseNecklace.jpg (20388 bytes)
(Picture by Clyf Bourne)

Indian Style Five Strand Turquoise Nugget Necklace & Earrings

Donated by Dee Holland


endow2003FacetBeryl.jpg (7026 bytes)     endow2003FacetBeryl-2.jpg (105265 bytes)
(Picture by Clyf Bourne)                 

1.5 Carat Faceted Clear Goshenite Beryl set in 14k Gold Pendant

The 1.5 clear beryl was cut and donated by Jay Bowman, recent recipient of the Lapidary section of the Lapidary Hall of Fame. It has been mounted in a 14k gold mounting with chain.

Cut and donated by Jay Bowman


endow2003MarvPendantB.jpg (27954 bytes)
(Picture by Clyf Bourne)

Wirewrap Pendant

The Apache Rhyolite, wire-wrapped, pendant was fashioned by Marv Starbuck, AFMS President-Elect, from the Midwest Federation.

endow2003ShellPendant.jpg (26640 bytes)     endow2003ShellPendant-2.jpg (118611 bytes)
(Picture by Clyf Bourne)                

Channelwork Flower Pendant

The Channelwork flower pendant, was made by the late Clyde Crossland of San Diego, California. His work had been on the cover of Lapidary Journal.

Donated by Shirley Leeson


endow2003scfms-01.jpg (38978 bytes)     endow2003scfms-02.jpg (52371 bytes)

Tomahawk Replica

This is a war ax that would have been used by Native Americans between the years 1800 and 1840 in the Western U.S. Stone head and decorated with glass beads (contact with Mountain Men), deer skin and horse tail. After 1840 the transportation allowed the white man to carry steel hawks to the Native Americans. Bill knapped the ax head and did all the work in 2002. Value $100.00 +

Donated by Bill Metcalf, Killen, TX


endow2003scfms-06.jpg (48874 bytes)


3mm Ant Hill Chrome Garnet, Pipestone,(Catlinikte), Reconstituted Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Sterling Silver. Valued: $162.50

Donated by Delbert and Carolyn Grady


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A Lewis and Clark Commemorative Cast Iron Dutch Oven
(Separate Drawing)

The Dutch Oven is a limited edition of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1803-1806 -- 2003-2006. This will be a significant item for years to come. It is a three-legged, 7.5 quart deep dish pot is designed for maximum cooking versatility. It also has three short legs on the lid so you may use the lid as a fry pan or hot serving platter. Cooking in the outdoors with this dutch oven just doesn't get any better than this. After the expense of the pot, all proceeds will go to the AFMS Endowment Fund.


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