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2001 Endowment
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AFMS Endowment Fund Items for 2001

Each year the AFMS Endowment Fund holds a fund raiser at the annual Convention. This fund raiser has become a two tiered endeavor in recent years with the addition of a special drawing item with tickets being sold by each of the seven Regional Federations in advance of the show and convention. This year is no exception.

Tickets for it are now available from your Regional Federation AFMS Endowment Chairperson.  A drawing will be held at the AFMS Convention banquet on June 16,2001 in Arlington, Texas.  The prizes will be awarded to the lucky persons holding the winning tickets.

In addition to the drawing, we intend to also conduct our popular "bag raffle" at the show. Each Federation has been asked to donate at least one item for this and tickets will be available in Arlington for this second phase of our fund raiser.

Any funds raised will be held in the AFMS Endowment Fund to further the goals of the AFMS and its member federations. Monies collected by the Endowment Fund are invested and only the interest may be used by the Federation.

We would like to say "Thank you!" to all who have assisted in this endeavor, whether by donating prizes, selling tickets, or by purchasing tickets.

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Winners Present at Convention:

endowwin-1.jpg (33526 bytes)  endowwin-2.jpg (28835 bytes)

The proud new owners of the "Aurora Borealis" bola tie and the "Priday Plume Agate" cabochon. 


A list of all the winners is available in the September 2001 AFMS Newsletter.


endow2001pres-1.jpg (37606 bytes)  endow2001pres-2.jpg (37365 bytes)

Oregon "Priday Plume Agate" cabochon mounted in a silver broach mounting.

Made and donated by Isabella Burns - AFMS 2001 President


endow2001cfms-01.jpg (37565 bytes) endow2001cfms-02.jpg (37052 bytes) endow2001cfms-03.jpg (37734 bytes)

Tarapcite specimen, from Tarapaca, Chile.

Donated by Agnes Hall


endow2001efmls-1.jpg (53315 bytes) endow2001efmls-2.jpg (40563 bytes)

Rose Quartz pendant on satin cord.


endow2001mwf-1.jpg (40032 bytes) endow2001mwf-2.jpg (37582 bytes)

Agate belt buckle donated in honor of the Midwest Federation.


endow2001nfms-1.jpg (29367 bytes) endow2001nfms-2.jpg (46135 bytes) endow2001nfms-4.jpg (38608 bytes) endow2001nfms-3.jpg (46497 bytes)

"Aurora Borealis" bola tie with intarsia stone. Center of the stone is amethyst crystal, 1st frome is white prisine, 2nd frame is black pristine, corners are carnelian, and the fram is petrified wood. It has a leather cord and hand made Elk Horn tips. The back of the Bolo is signed by the Silver Smith Carol A. Hall [ C.A.H. ] and Roscoe (Rocky) McCall [ R. M. ].  It comes with a document signed by the silver smith and artist.

Made and donated by Roscoe (Rocky) McCall
Silver work by Carol A. Hall


endow2001rmfms-1.jpg (38416 bytes)

Tiger-eye belt buckle donated in honor of the Rocky Mountain Federation.


  endow2001scfms-1.jpg (23843 bytes)  endow2001scfms-2.jpg (25120 bytes)  endow2001scfms-3.jpg (24748 bytes) endow2001scfms-4.jpg (24017 bytes)

The sphere is beautiful Texas palmwood on a polished brass stand. It is a little over three inches in diameter. The sphere is made and donated by Russ Cable in honor of Joe Murphy, one of the last of the old time rockhounds. He will be 93 on his next birthday. Above are four photos taken from different angles. The glass case is also included with the sphere. The photos do not do it justice.

Dee and Russ Cable


endow2001sfms-01.jpg (40272 bytes) endow2001sfms-02.jpg (38708 bytes) endow2001sfms-03.jpg (39016 bytes) endow2001sfms-04.jpg (36725 bytes)

Sterling silver and dichoric glass necklace.

Made and donated by Ann Monroe


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