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2011 Article Winners


2011 Bulletin Editors' Contest Article & Poem Winners

A Note About Format:

All of these articles and poems were scanned/typed on my Macintosh computer. Any photos or tables within articles have been converted from PNG files to Microsoft BMP files – Mac and PC don’t always “talk nice” to each other, but even if you have a PC you should still be able to view the BMP files. The articles and poems themselves are all .doc files.

Captions on most photos and the photos were “grouped” before being converted to BMP format, so they will stay together if you want to “drag” the photos with their captions to any place on the page. I have left everything in a single-column format to make it easier for you to change to the number of columns you use for your bulletin.

AFMS contest winners are arranged in folders as follows:

  1. Adult Articles
    1. Barite
    2. What Price Is the Right Price?
    3. Stromer's Riddle: The Predatory Dinosaurs of Morocco
    4. Franklinite – The Non-Fluorescing Mineral From Franklin, New Jersey
    5. Program_Review - The Bridgewater Titanite Follies
    6. Fluorite and Minerals Associated with the IL-KY Fluorspar District (Fluorite Series, Part II)
    7. Oceans of Kansas
    8. A Mineralogist, Almost
    9. Fire Ice or Methane Clathrate (Hydrate)
    10. Bonseki
    11. Spring Raines Give Us Mud (And Civilization)
    12. My Tucson Odyssey
    13. Leaverites
    14. Serpentine
    15. Perils of the Hunt
  2. Adult Articles Advanced
    1. Mammoth Discovery at Florissant Fossil Beds
    2. Geodes in Sedimentary Rock
    3. The World of Minerals: Mineral Evolution
    4. Off the Beaten Path: Hans Peak
    5. What a Croc!
    6. California Miocene Dreaming
    7. Sedimentary Structures and Trace Fossils
    8. Pegmatites - HO!
    9. Hunting Fossil "Bugs" in Utah
    10. Crocoite
    11. Hat Trick: Digging 3 Dinosaurs in One Season
    12. French Connection
    13. Field of Dreams
    14. Colorado's Rock Arches
    15. A Summer Visit to the Rice Northwest Museum
    16. Most Minerals Are Safe to Handle - A Few Require Real Caution
    17. Silicon Dioxide --- The Wonder of the Mineral World
  3. Junior Articles, under 12
    1. Stone Tools Made of Petrified Wood from Bijou Basin, El Paso County, Colorado
    2. These Old Bones Museum: A Museum of Imagination
    3. The Petroglyphs of New Mexico
    4. Stone My First Auction
    5. My First Cab
    6. Benitoite
    7. Michigan Petoskey Stones
    8. My Trip to Coalinga
    9. Plesiosaur
  4. Junior Articles, 12-17
    1. Diggin' Dinos in North Dakota: Becoming a Real Paleontologist
    2. Redhill Ridge’s Dakota Sandstones Contain Trace Fossils
    3. Ancient Artifacts: Ornamental Beads from Egyptian Tombs
    4. Uses of Gold
    5. Just Keep Diggin'
    6. Seismologists
    7. Gypsum
  5. Adult Poetry
    1. You Can Tell A Rockhound
    2. Bess's Wish - A Rockhound’s Last Request
    3. Where Shiny Heart Cabs Come From
    4. Our Junior Rockhounds
    5. Geology 101
    6. The Rockhound
    7. Rockhound's H1N1
    8. First Hunt
    9. The Rock Collector
    10. Not Gold
    11. Crystals
  6. Junior Poetry
    1. An Ode to Back Benders
    2. Ruby
    3. A Rock is a Rock
    4. Rocks
    5. My Gem and Me
    6. True Beauty
    7. The Pits
    8. Dinosaurs Everywhere

Within each folder the articles are arranged in placement order for the top 10, with the Honorable Mentions following in no particular order. By looking in each folder you will be able to see the titles of the articles and poems.

I apologize in advance for any errors you might find. As editors, you know you can go over and over things and still miss corrections that should be made. The scanning software (OCR) does a pretty good job, but sometimes it reads “c” for “e” and so on. I tried to catch any mistakes (and used spell check), but you know how it goes. . .

You have permission to reprint these winning articles and poems as long as they are credited as given at the top of each page (title, author, club, original bulletin & date, placement in AFMS contest).


Linda Jaeger, 2011 AFMS BEAC Chair

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