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How Links are Chosen for this Site

Links to external sites add a lot of value to this site.  Our first goal is to link sites related to the AFMS and the Regional Federations, and the clubs or societies that are members of the Regional Federations.  There are many other non-commercial sites that have a lot of valuable information that are included.

Links to sites that are basically commercial sites are not generally included on this site.  If it is clear that a site's primary goal is to sell product(s), then it will probably not be included on this site.  An exception to this rule would be Magazine Publishers.  Magazine Publishers already have a very established advertisement and distribution channels.  Their magazines are usually available throughout the country for easy viewing.  The linking of the Magazine Publishers on this has a negligible effect on the sale of Magazine, but it is included for the novice that may not have had the opportunity to learn of the magazines.  The AFMS makes no recommendations for magazines, but it is a limited resource for individuals interested in the hobby.

Links to other commercial sites can sometimes be very difficult to decide if they should be included or not.  There are many commercial sites that are very good sites and would be of value to include.  But it is preferred to generally leave commercial links off this site and allow other sites to provide links to these sites.  For that reason, we will include some links that contain a lot of valuable links.  

Including a link or not including a link to another link does not represent a quality rating of the sites.  Rather than including thousands of links, it preferred to include a few links that provides good coverage of the industry.  Suggestions for links are appreciated.  Unfortunately not all suggestions will be included.

Summary of How Links are Included on This Site 

bulletPrimary Links Included on this Site:
bulletSites associated with the AFMS
bulletRegional Federation Sites
bulletAFMS affiliated Clubs or Societies
bulletOther Links Included on this Site:
bulletNon-commercial Informative or Educational Sites
bulletOther Related Not-For-Profit Educational Organizations
bulletSite Links Not Included on this Site:
bulletMost Commercial Sites
bulletSite Links Not Considered for Inclusion on this Site
bulletCommercial Site that are On-Line Stores or For Sale Sites
bulletSites that have a High Commercial Theme or Links.  (Sites that are filled with commercial banners will probably be considered revenue generating banners and therefore a commercial site.)
bulletSites requesting trading or reciprocating of links

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