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Lillian Turner Award
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Lillian Scheffres Turner Award

Several years ago a very special rockhound in the Washington DC area, realizing that the future of our hobby ultimately rests in the hands of those who are now "juniors", established --- strictly on her own and out of her own pocket --- a fund to make an award to that junior whose exhibit is judged best at the national show.  This makes the presentation rotate around the country, taking seven years for a complete cycle, following the seven regional federations who host the annual show on a rotating basis.  First awarded in 1995 in Boise, Idaho with a $50.00 savings bond, Mrs. Turner has since added to the fund so that now the award is a $100.00 bond with added   "goodies" contributed by other interested and generous members of the rockhound community.  Most recently it was awarded in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mrs. Turner was also instrumental in the issuance of the set of mineral stamps several years ago.  At the national convention held in California she added a set of first day covers of these stamps to the bond award.

Toby Cozens
AFMS Treasurer

Submitted: August 4, 1999

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