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2017 Bulletin Contest

CONTEST DEADLINE IS January 31, 2017
 All entries starting this year must be submitted in PDF format on a CD or DVD
in addition to the hard copies that are mailed as usual.

Next year’s contest has been announced. The deadline for article and bulletin submissions to me is JANUARY 31, 2017. Yeah, it’s early this year, but the AFMS annual meeting is earlier. Remember, all of your submissions must have been published specifically for your bulletin/newsletter in 2016 to be eligible for the 2017 contest.

There is one permanent rule change beginning with the 2017 contest that involves the number of submissions allowed per club per category at four entries. The only categories this rule change does not apply to are the individual bulletin categories including ‘New Editor’, ‘Mini Bulletin’, ‘Small Bulletin’, and ‘Large Bulletin’. The bulletin categories will remain at one single entry per club for one of the
four categories.

There is a temporary rule change for the 2017 contest that involves the Written Features and Drawn Features categories. The AFMS rules were not specific regarding allowing first place winners from submitting an entry the following year for the Written Features and Drawn Features categories. So, the SFMS will follow the AFMS in the recommendation only for the 2017 contest. There WILL NOT be a restriction on people who won the first place award in 2015 or 2016 from entering the 2017 contest.

Mark Easterbrook 6701 Dorchester Road, Apt. 1007
North Charleston, SC  29418-3735

Cell Phone: 843-276-4016

The forms below are valid for the 2017 Bulletin Editor's Contest

Bulletin Editor's Contest Information
bulletBEAC Fillable Control Sheet (regional BEACs ONLY)
bulletAFMS Judges Fillable Control Sheet (AFMS Judges ONLY)
bulletAFMS contest Guidelines
bulletGeneral Guidelines
bulletBulletins - Specific Guidelines
bulletAdult Articles, Adult Articles Advanced, & Written/Drawn Features - Specific Guidelines
bulletJunior Articles - Specific Guidelines
bulletAdult Poetry & Junior Poetry - Specific Guidelines
bulletSpecial Publications - Specific Guidelines
bulletFillable Score Sheet Instructions
bulletFillable Score Sheets
bulletOriginal Adult Articles
bulletOriginal Adult Articles Advanced
bulletOriginal Junior Articles for under 12
bulletOriginal Junior Articles for 12 & up
bulletOriginal Adult Poetry
bulletOriginal Junior Poetry
bulletFeatures (Written & Drawn, all ages)
bulletSpecial Publications
Articles by Diane Dare
bulletJudicial Opinions
bulletSez Who??? - A commentary on research and references as they apply to Original Articles
bulletWhat Is A Special Publication?


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