A Program of the Field Trip Committee of the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc.
We are an association of field trip leaders within the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies
who have agreed to join together and share one of our mineral or fossil field trips.


Field Trip Committee

Southeast Federation of
Mineralogical Societies, Inc.

As a stated Internet policy of the DMC, we do not give out non-commercial
mineral location information and directions over the Internet

SFMS By-laws
  1.    MEMBERSHIP: This committee shall be composed of a Chairman and as many other members as the chairman and the President determines are necessary to conduct the Field Trip Committee operations.
  2.    RELATIONS: This committee shall encourage all clubs and societies that are active and in good standing within the SFMS and who have provided their members with field trip liability insurance, the ability to participate in organized field trips.
  3.    DUTIES: To collect field trip information from SFMS clubs and societies; schedule and coordinate field trip dates; disseminate field trip details so that SFMS clubs and societies may publish this information as one of their "officially" scheduled field trips.

How it Works

SFMS clubs that carry liability insurance take turns hosting a field trip. The hosting interval is based on the number of clubs in the program. Currently the interval between hosting responsibilities is about 2 and a half years.

Benefits of being a DMC member club:

DMC Member Club Responsibilities: One of the things people join rock clubs for is the field trips. Clubs everywhere are painfully aware of how difficult it is to find new collecting sites, plus collecting sites they have are disappearing due to construction, new ownership, management changes, etc. Being a member of the DMC field trip sharing program helps clubs provide an important benefit to their members by having field trips available. Just think of it, in exchange for hosting one trip every couple of years, your club gets dozens of trips from other clubs!

If you have any questions, please send email to Lori Carter at sfms-dmc@amfed.org

Click here for DMC Program Field Trip Policies

Click here for the Proposed DMC field trip schedule 2019-2022

Click here for the current member club renewal schedule

Club Forms:


For clubs who would like to participate in the DMC Field Trip Sharing program, click the Membership Application form to the left. Complete the form and email it to sfms-dmc@amfed.org


DMC member clubs who need to submit details for a DMC field trip they are hosting, click the Field Trip Form to the right. Complete the form and email it to sfms-dmc@amfed.org This form must be submitted at least one month before the month of the trip. If the form is not received by the 10th of the month before the month of the trip, the club will be suspended from the DMC program for 3 months and must re-apply for DMC membership.

DMC Field Trip Sharing Program Member Clubs

  1. Aiken Gem and Mineral Society (Aiken, SC)
  2. Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society (Birmingham, AL)
  3. Athens Rock and Gem Club (Athens, GA)
  4. Charlotte Gem and Mineral Society (Charlotte, NC)
  5. Cobb County Gem & Mineral Society (Marietta, GA)
  6. Columbia Gem & Mineral Society (Columbia, SC)
  7. Forsyth Gem & Mineral Club (Winston-Salem, NC)
  8. Emerald City Rock and Gem Club (Greenwood, SC)
  9. Gaston County Gem, Mineral & Faceting Club (Gastonia, NC)
  10. Gem and Mineral Society of Franklin, NC (Franklin, NC)
  11. Gem and Mineral Society of Lynchburg Virginia, Inc.
  12. Georgia Mineral Society (Norcross, GA)
  13. Henderson County Gem & Mineral Society (Hendersonville, NC)
  14. Huntsville Gem and Mineral Society (Huntsville, AL)
  15. Jacksonville Gem & Mineral Society (Jacksonville, FL)
  16. Knoxville Gem & Mineral Society (Knoxville, TN)
  17. Lowcountry Gem & Mineral Society (Charleston, SC)
  18. Memphis Archaeological & Geological Society (Memphis, TN)
  19. Middle Tennessee Rockhounds (Nashville, TN)
  20. Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society (Murfreesboro, TN)
  21. Mid-Georgia Gem and Mineral Society (Macon, GA)
  22. Mississippi Gem and Mineral Society (Jackson, MS)
  23. Mobile Rock & Gem Society, Inc. (Mobile, AL)
  24. Montgomery Gem & Mineral Society (Montgomery, AL)
  25. Northeast Georgia Mineral Society (Cornelia, GA)
  26. Pendleton District Gem & Mineral Society (Seneca, SC)
  27. Rome Georgia Mineral Society (Rome, GA)
  28. Southern Appalachian Mineral Society (Asheville, NC)
  29. Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club (Tampa, FL)
  30. Tennessee Valley Rock and Mineral Club (Chattanooga, TN)
  31. Western South Carolina G&MS (Greenville, SC)

The DMC is a program of the Field Trip Committee of the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc.
Email the DMC at sfms-dmc@amfed.org
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