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Year - 2017 fossil= Fossil  mineral = Mineral  rock = Rock  tour = Tour

January28Columbia Gem & Mineral Society (Columbia, SC) 
February18Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society (Birmingham, AL) 
March25Mississippi Gem and Mineral Society (Jackson, MS)Cancelled
April15Charlotte Gem & Mineral Club (Charlotte, NC) 
May06Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society (Murfreesboro, TN) 
June10Mississippi Gem and Mineral Society (Jackson, MS)Rescheduled
June17Forsyth Gem & Mineral Club (Winston-Salem, NC) 
July15Southern Appalachian Mineral Society (Asheville, NC) 
August26Gaston County Gem, Mineral & Faceting Club (Gastonia, NC) 
September30Knoxville Gem & Mineral Society (Knoxville, TN)Cancelled
October01Knoxville Gem & Mineral Society (Knoxville, TN)Rescheduled
October28Cobb County Gem & Mineral Society (Marietta, GA) 
October  KYANA Geological Society (Louisville, KY)Club Suspended
November18Western South Carolina G&MS (Greenville, SC) 
December09Emerald City Rock and Gem Club (Greenwood, SC) 

Year - 2018 fossil= Fossil  mineral = Mineral  rock = Rock  tour = Tour

January13Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club, (Tampa, FL) 
February11Mobile Rock & Gem Society, Inc. (Mobile, AL) 
March10Mid-Georgia Gem and Mineral Society (Macon, GA) 
April  Aiken Gem and Mineral Society (Aiken, SC) 
May  Lowcountry Gem & Mineral Society (Charleston, SC) 
June  Middle Tennessee Rockhounds (Nashville, TN) 
July Huntsville Gem and Mineral Society (Huntsville, AL) 
August  Gem and Mineral Society of Franklin, NC 
September The Gem & Mineral Society of Lynchburg, VA. Inc. 
October  Montgomery Gem & Mineral Society (Montgomery, AL) 
November  Henderson County Gem & Mineral Society (Hendersonville, NC) 
December  Jacksonville Gem & Mineral Society (Jacksonville, FL) 

Year - 2019 fossil= Fossil  mineral = Mineral  rock = Rock  tour = Tour

January  OPEN 
February  Athens Rock and Gem Club (Athens, GA) 
March  Tennessee Valley Rock and Mineral Club (Chattanooga, TN) 
April  Georgia Mineral Society (Atlanta, GA) 
May18Northeast Georgia Mineral Society (Cornelia, GA) 
June  OPEN 
July  OPEN 
August  OPEN 
September  Rome Georgia Mineral Society (Rome, GA) 
October  Memphis Archaeological & Geological Society (Memphis, TN) 
November  Pendleton District Gem & Mineral Society (Seneca, SC) 
December  OPEN 

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