2019 MWF Convention

  sponsored by the Cedar Valley Rocks & Minerals Society

 Cedar Rapids, Iowa

March 23 & 24, 2019

Geodes, Iowa's Mysterious State Rock

also featuring

a T-Rex Skull


Raffle   Both CVRMS and MWF will hold Raffles at the Show. For CVRMS raffle tickets for 6 items will be sold throughout the Show, with the drawing at 3:30 on Sunday.

Silent Auction   The silent auction will be a combined CVRMS and MWF event and will run continuously throughout the show, with each round lasting about 15 minutes. Some items for the MWF Auction may go more than one round. Get great deals on slabs, specimens, gemstones, equipment, and many other rock and gem related items. Donate items for the MWF silent auctions and fill out a Bid Form for each item. Please collect donated items from your club members and bring them with their Bid Forms to Hawkeye Downs on Friday during setup or at the Cracker - Barrel Potluck on Friday night. Items will also be accepted at Hawkeye Downs any time during the Show.