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More than 101 Ideas for Club Programs. Compiled by Bob Livingston. A collection of well over 101 ideas you may use for programs at your club meetings. It also contains several other topics such as how to set up multiple TV's off one VCR. This is a growing booklet with ideas courtesy of the Midwest Federation as well as many other source. Please feel free to submit  additional ideas to either Bob Livingston, our 2002 President, or myself. Just click on the underline to automatically start an e-mail.

"GIVE 'UM SOME ROOM AND LET 'UM GROW" by Warren Redford. First published by EFMLS Region IV in December 1994, this is an article on how to get junior members involved in club activities so they keep coming back. Some of these ideas could also be applied to keeping new adult members active.

"Club Group Travel" by Warren Redford. First published by EFMLS Region IV in February 1995. This article gives some excellent information on how to organize club trips and the fun of traveling as a group.

"HOW TO RESCUE THE WORKSHOP" by Warren Redford. First published by EFMLS Region IV in April 1995. What do you do with all those specimens you've piled up in the basement or garage? This is a helpful article on how to put your treasures to a worthwhile use.

"AFTER THE CLUB SHOW" by Warren Redford. First published by EFMLS Region IV in April 1998. How do you take advantage of all the effort that went in to creating the great displays from your last show? How do you promote your club to the public in your community? Maybe even recruite a few new members!!! Here's the article for you. This article describes ways to use some of those great displays from your show to promote your club.

"Broom Casting" by Dennis Chapman, Tooele Gem & Mineral. Direct casting is an easy, low-tech method of making beautiful freeform jewelry. In this article, Dennis focuses on using Sterling Silver and broom straw. This broom casting gives you a great stalagmite and stalactite effect.

"Go Neon with Niobium" by Cathy J. Gaber, EFMLS Officer. Are you tired of silver? Is gold too expensive? Are you looking for something fun and different? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to try working with niobium wire.

"Slabs for Cabs" by Cathy J. Gaber, EFMLS Officer. A beautiful cab starts with the right slab. Some basic characteristics of the perfect slab, such as pleasing color or pattern, may seem obvious, but other qualities such as thickness, imperfections, hardness and alignment are just as important to consider. Special handling techniques may also affect your decision to select a particular slab. Let this be a guide to help you select the best slabs for your cabochons.

Federation Style Display Cases courtesy of Bruce Himko, Bellevue Rock Club. who tracking them down. Note: This is a zip file containing multiple pages.