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All forms are in PDF format. You will need either Acrobat Reader or NitroPDF Reader or a similar application to open these forms. Both of the above are free on the internet if you don't already have them.

Convention and Show Information:

Convention and Show Information

Hosted by the Rochester Lapidary Society


The Radisson Hotel
175 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623
October 21-23 2016

Welcome Letter EFMLS Delegates

The Rochester Lapidary Society welcomes you to the 2016 EFMLS Convention. The show is held at the Main Street Armory at 900 E Main St, Rochester, NY 14605. Wikipedia has a good write-up on the location: For those staying at the Radisson Hotel, the hotel has indicated they are willing to shuttle people to the show but it is on a time available basis. If they have someone wanting to go to the airport, they have first priority. The Main Street Armory as approximately 10 miles from the hotel.

EFMLS Convention Hotel:  We've chosen the Radisson Inn Airport for the convention location. This is the location used annually by the Rochester Mineralogical Convention for multiple decades so they are attuned to us rock folks. (OK, this last symposium was interesting, due to chances in staff at the hotel but, hopefully, they got their bugs worked out with the symposium) To get the convention rate, you need to contact the hotel directly and ask for the convention rate and tell them its for the EFMLS Convention. Online places, such as Orbits, won't give the convention rate. Both the Advanced Registration form and the EFMLS Packet above contain information on alternate hotels in the area.

Things to do in Rochester: