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BEAC 2015 Forms

BEAC 2014 Editors' Guidelines
Form A - Newsletter Part 1
Form B - Newsletter Part 2
Form FD - Drawn Features
Form FW - Written Features

Form J - Juniors
Form OE - Educational Articles
Form ON - Non-Educational Articles
Form P - Poetry

Click here for 2015 AFMS Web Site
Competition Forms and Information

Please e-mail completed Web Site entries to Dan Imel at All entries are to be submitted via e-mail. Web Site entries due by February 1st, 2015.

EFLMS Bulletin Editors
Advisory Committee

Dear Fellow Editor,

As some of you requested, we are pleased to be able to put the 2015 BEAC Contest directions and forms on the EFLMS Web site earlier this year.  The files are in a PDF format.  All forms are available individually. You only need to download the editors' guidelines and the specific forms you will be using.  To quickly find a file, click on the form you need.  Once you are on the form you need, you can print it by simply going to the print menu and choosing print "selection" or you can print out the entire file.  Please note, that even though the forms are available on the Web, you must mail your entries to the address below in order to be considered.  Any entries that are e-mailed will not be considered for judging.

It is also important that you first read all the rules and checklist carefully.  All entries should be received by January 10, 2015 and sent to the address below.

We would like to specifically bring the following to your attention:

1. Two entries by the same author per category may be submitted, a total of three (3) entries per author in all categories.

2. Features is divided into two categories, Drawn Features and Written Features.

3. If an author is a member of more than one club and writes for other newsletters, please check to make sure your bulletin was the first to publish that article, poem, etc.  If not, the entry will be disqualified.

4. Be sure to include the applicable forms, completely filled out, attached to the entries.  As a time saver, please feel free to print out labels with the following information and affix to each entry form in the space calling for this information:  bulletin name, club name, editor's name, address and e-mail.  Feel free to duplicate any additional forms you may need.

5. Check that all information provided on the entry forms is correct.  This information is used to produce the wording on trophies, certificates and in the Editors' Breakfast program.  If the information provided is wrong, it will be wrong on the trophies and certificates and in the program.

A reminder concerning copyrighted bulletins and original articles, poems, drawings, etc.:  copyrighted bulletins, original publications, articles or poems are eligible with the understanding that permission is granted for another club to print it without obtaining permission--giving credit to your newsletter and the author.  It is also understood that all entries sent on for AFMS competition may also be reproduced in booklet form for distribution to interested club newsletter editors without obtaining further permission.  Remember, if you have copied an article from other than a club bulletin, you must have received permission from the publication and the author to reprint it.  If you printed an article, poem, etc., from another bulletin, be sure that you have included the name of the bulletin and the date in which it was published.  Note that material that has come from the internet is assumed to be copyrighted and you need permission to reproduce it unless stated otherwise on the site.  In any event, it needs to be noted as to source.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 2015 BEAC Contest Rules and Forms will NOT be mailed, but will be available on the EFLMS website.

Please contact Mary Bateman at with any questions or comments, or if you cannot or have difficulty downloading any of the tabs.

Good Luck to All!

Please send all packets for competition to:

Bulletin Editors Advisory Committee
% Mary Bateman
52 Harrison St
Morristown, NJ 07960-3827


No entries will be accepted by e-mail.
Three copies of ALL entries must be mailed in hard copy format.