A few pictures from the 2000 AFMS Convention in Moab, Utah.

New Officers of AFMS preparing to be sworn in to office: L. to R.  Isobella "Izzy" Burns, as AFMS President; Steven Weinberger (EFMLS) as AFMS President Elect; new Regional Vice Presidents Mary Trammel, Kathy Miller, Linda Keltz and Howell Whiting.

EFMLS President, Joy Bourne and EFMLS 1st Vice President, Bob Livingston shown hard at work as Directors of the AFMS during the 2000 AFMS Annual Meeting of the Board.

EFMLS members Jennie and Paul Smith accept the their "First Place with Highest Honors" award in the 2000 AFMS Program Competion.  Looking on is Marge Collins, AFMS Program Chairman. The video which won the prize for them is intitled "Diamonds."

EFMLS' Susanna MacInnis receiving her trophy for her showcase of Pennsylvania Minerals in the AFMS 2000 Competitive Exhibits Contest  The presenter is Dan Linglebach, President of AFMS and  looking on is Jim Hurlburt, AFMS Uniform Rules Committee Chairman.  Sue is a member of the Pennsylvania Earth Science Association, Inc. in Allentown, and is also serving as EFMLS Historian.




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