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Current Mayo Foundation Officers and Directors:
William (Bill)  Waggener
4138 Steve Reynolds Blvd.,
Norcross, GA 30093
Reggie Bolton
SFMS President
4781 Bear Creek Rd,
Sterrett, AL 35147
205‐678‐8772 @
Jerri Heer
9016 122nd Avenue,
Tampa, FL 33637

Wayne Dodd
330 Pepperwood Way
Canton, GA 30114

Janet Steeper 725 Dayton Valley Road,
Dayton, NV 89403
Lisa Roberts
10328 Briar Bay Loop,
Jonesboro, GA 30238
423.494.7096  @

Scholarship Application: (Deadline: March 31, 2021)

Applicaton in PDF format 

The purpose of the Mayo Educational Foundation: The Mayo Foundation was established by the late Frank Mayo, the first President of the Southeast Federation of mineralogical Societies, Inc.  The purpose of the foundation is to provide financial aid to qualified students in the Earth sciences and to provide financing for other educational projects of exceptional value.  For many years Frank (and after his death, the Mayo family) matched all yearly donations made by Federation members, increasing the principle.  Only interest generated from the principle has been used to grant scholarships given to worthy students.  It is evident that continuous support is needed because as the principle grows, so will interest grow, creating more funds available for scholarships. 

All donations are tax deductible.  The Mayo Educational Foundation is a 501,(c),(3) tax exempt, not for profit corporation.  Donations to The Mayo Education Foundation are gifts of perpetuity and are deposited into trust accounts.  The interest earned on these accounts is made available for scholarships awards.


2021 Scholarship Application
(Deadline: March 31, 2021)

Eligibility Criteria:     All applicants must meet the following requirements in order to qualify:

A.    Must be a citizen of the United States of America.

B.    Must be a legal resident of a state where the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc. has affiliate clubs (AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, and VA).

C.    Must be pursuing a degree in Earth sciences and have achieved a college ranking of Junior, Senior, or Graduate student.

D.    Must submit a letter of recommendation from the department chair/head of the college or university where now enrolled and attending.

E.    Must submit a letter of recommendation from the President or other member of a SFMS member club.

F.    Must submit a current official transcript of college grades.

G.    Must submit a letter from the applicant outlining why and/or how a MEFI scholarship will aid her/him in accomplishing her/his goal of obtaining a degree in Earth sciences, i.e. Geology, Paleontology, Mineralogy, Crystallography, Archaeology, or any subdivision thereof.

H.    Must complete the MEFI application.

Please complete and return this form and all attendant materials  before March 31, 2019 to:

Jerri Heer, Secretary
The Mayo Educational Foundation, Inc.
9016 122nd Ave.
Tampa, FL 33637


A memorial or honor donation to MAYO EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, INC.can pay tribute to or recognize someone special to you or your club. Your tax-deductible contribution also offers help fo deserving college students to further their education in the earth sciences. An appropriate notification will be sent to the person or family you designate, advising them of your thoughtful gift.

*MEMORIALS: Your Gift Memorial provides a thoughtful and dignified means of perpetuating the memory of a friend or loved one.

*HONORS: You can contribute in honor of a loved one, a friend, business associate, club
member or club. It is an excellent way to acknowledge anniversaries, birthdays, convalescence, holidays or other events.


****  PDF Format  ****

Please print the Memorials and Honors donations form from this PDF file.   (Revised 2016)

Donations to The Mayo Educational Foundation are to be sent to the Mayo Foundation Treasurer:

Wayne Dodd
330 Pepperwood Way
Canton, GA 30114
@  Email


Did you know that as of August 2004 the Mayo Educational Foundation, Inc. has awarded sixty-one scholarship grants?  Since the first grant in 1985, a total of $122,300 has been given to forty-two students seeking degrees in earth science fields. (Actually, $123,300 has been awarded, but one student unable to complete her term returned $1,000.)   The largest grant was $4,000, the smallest $800. 

Do you know the Mayo Educational Foundation Inc. is a separately-incorporated division of the Southeast Federation?  It is not financed by SFMS.  Dues paid to SFMS do not help provide scholarships or support the MEFI.  It is funded SOLELY by donations and gifts made directly to the Mayo Educational Foundation.

As per the MEFI Bylaws, the scholarship grants are paid from interest on the MEFI accounts. The Bylaws state: “The principal funds shall not be used for awards.”  All donations and gifts to the Mayo Educational Foundation are deposited, and ONLY the interest is used. Thus when interest rates are low, there are less funds available for scholarships. 

Your individual or club donations to the Mayo Educational Foundation will enable the Southeast Federation to continue to help deserving earth science students. 

Did you know applicants for MEFI scholarships must provide a letter of recommendation from a SFMS member club?     The following clubs have ‘sponsored’ students: 

Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society - 1
Augusta Gem & Mineral Society - 1
Carroll County Gem & Mineral Society - 1
Columbia Gem & Mineral Society - 3
Georgia Mineral Society - 5
Greensboro Mineral Club - 1
Knoxville Gem & Mineral Society - 13
Mississippi Gem & Mineral Society - 1
Mobile Rock & Gem Society - 6
Montgomery Gem & Mineral Society - 2
North Mississippi Gem & Mineral Soc - 2
Pearl River Rock Club - 1
Pendleton District Gem & Mineral Soc - 1
Roanoke Valley Mineral & Gem Society - 1
Southern Appalachian Mineral Society - 1
Suncoast Gem & Mineral Society - 1
Tennessee Valley Rock & Mineral Club - 1
Western South Carolina Gem & Min Soc - 1

Did you know the following schools had MEFI scholarship recipients?

Appalachian State Univ - 1
Auburn Univ - 3
Clemson Univ - 1
Georgia Institute of Technology - 3
Georgia State Univ-Atlanta - 2
Guilford College - 1
Memphis State (now Univ. Of Tenn) - 1
State Univ of West Georgia - 1
Sul Ross Univ - 1
U of Georgia-Athens - 1
U of Mississippi - 3
U of South Alabama - 4
U of South Carolina-Columbia - 3
U of South Florida-Tampa - 1
U of Southern Mississippi - 2
U of Southern Mississippi-Hattiesburg - 1
U of Tennessee-Knoxville - 13
Virginia Institute of Technology - 1

Info provided by Diane Dare
 MEFI President - 2004

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